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  1. fleecermtn450

    r.i.p. Jake adam lucas

    Very,very impressive words about your friend! I can tell they came from the heart.. remember all the fun times you had with him. R.I.P. Jake
  2. What a tragedy...deepest sympathy to Justin's family and friends and his community..and all riders involved. R.I.P. Justin...
  3. fleecermtn450

    See ya the flip side Jace

    Although I didn't know Jace, one can read about his 4.0 GPA, student honors, his excelling in baseball, basketball, track, his guiding of a disabled youth hunter on a turkey hunt...what a fine young man! My deepest sympathy on this tragedy, to his family, friends and the community of Green River, Utah.. R.I.P. Jace.
  4. fleecermtn450

    Bozeman TT riders pizza night

    4 of us ended up riding Pipestone today. It was cool.. but no rain or snow and no dust either! You could really hookup great. Not many out but it is worth going without a doubt. 36 miles and all smiles!
  5. Wow, theres a bunch of stuff going on here. First off the hillclimb area i was on is up the Ringing Rocks road and yes.. very close to where Lessongeo was parked.. actually a little south of that. as you go toward ringing rocks from the pipestone exit its off on the left side in a big coulee area. they are testy, at least i think,, i saw quite a few flip off backward (hard). Esp the 30 something mother on a ttr 230... twice.... i have family coming in for easter also but still want to try and get out. i just cant commit today until i know more. we are also planning a trip to the dunes in St Anthony, Id in the next few weeks. so much to do so little time!
  6. Pipestone was excellent today. Got over 40 miles on and found some new hillclimb areas.. not for the faint of heart lol. lessongeo,, do you have canadian plates on your dodge? ending in like 734? i think we rode past you on the ringing rocks road later in the day? im sure you had a good ride out there today too...
  7. fleecermtn450


    Yep put 40 miles on there today. its super. found some awesome hill climb areas too. just about as good a day as you could have!!!!
  8. fleecermtn450

    Looking into getting a 2005 WR450 any suggestions?

    Bought my 2005 in spring of 2006 new,,, did all the mods, e start has never failed and it just hauls a$$ ...........
  9. fleecermtn450

    Which Generation WR Do You Have?

    2005 and love it also! Had a WR 500 2 stroke awhile back,, cant remember the year but it was a powerhouse! Goinn ridn tomorrow...
  10. I just got told were leaving Butte around 10:15, 3 of us, 2 blue yammies and 1 red honda.. on a trailer with black chevy. hope to see you there! And it does look to be a good day!
  11. Were riding Pipestone tomorrow, Sat the 31st.. Probably be at four corners around 10:30 to 11 if anyone wants to join in. weather looks good too. black 4 dr chevy.
  12. Pipestone was great yesterday... i got in almost 50 miles and it was super weather. quite a few rv's in the area camped and lots of bikes, atv's and everything having a good day. raining today...off and on.
  13. My sincere condolences go to Blake, his family, friends and the rider that accidently hit him. This is such a tragic loss. Let's all in the motorsports community make a difference going forward and at least error on the "to safe side" and make this thread one no one reads anymore because there is nothing to write in it!
  14. fleecermtn450

    U.S. Forest Service denies travel plan appeals

    Certainly this didnt surprise anyone I hope? The Forest Service is and has been completely out of control for a long time and only political pressure and litigation will have any chance of reigning them in. It's a waste of time talking with them about anything.. simply let them do their usual and wait until legal action can be taken. Meantime just enjoy your riding!
  15. fleecermtn450

    Wr250f vs. Wr450f

    Go with the 450 no doubt. I couldnt agree more.. you dont have to use the whole stick but if you want to its there. I have a 450wr and love it! Very uncorked and tons of fun in the dunes or where ever i am riding. These are greeeeeeat bikes!