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  1. Try ... ... best Toyota Forum on the Net and you'll get quick answers.
  2. That would look sweet ... I could do without the crap on the swingarm though.
  3. There is a long history with this one. At one time that was a true statement but is not really the case anymore. Once upon a time when all piston rings were made of ductile iron SYN in a virgin motor was a sure recipe for disaster. Piston ring technology has made HUGE leaps in technology in the last 20 years or so. In fact some new cars come from the factory with SYN from the gittgo. Break-in on a new motor these days is minimal. A couple of hours and your fine to switch to SYN from Dino. There of course will always be the hard sells that have had that ole myth passed down from generation to generation.
  4. It will most likely be fine to powder coat. If it really worries you the shop can tape over the area and leave it bare.
  5. Riding in SoCal ROCKS! I have been riding for years and love street bikes. You my try but I warn you they are not as tolerant to kids as this Forum is.
  6. Gps

    I just picked this one Garmin 60cx and it is awesome! $359, it uploads and downloads has expandable memory. And there is a $50 rebate on it until Dec. something. For an extra $49 I also got a extended 3 year warranty.
  7. +1
  8. Just picked up the Garmin 60cx.
  9. I have gotten LOTS of info from YOTATECH a great site nad more Yota info than most men can handle. I am on there but under a different name, go there you won't be disappointed.
  10. What The Hell! Does your mom know your on her computer?
  11. Depends on where you live and the cops there. Keep in mind a police officer can site you if he deems your vehicel is unsafe, regardless of it's legality.
  12. The desert is basically my back yard. I do have to go a few blocks to hit dirt but it isn't a problem.
  13. Me too! I'll post up pics when I decide.