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  1. i love my yz250f, super easy to maintain and very reliable. and who says they're slow, i think the yzf motor rips. the only thing i don't love about it tho is the handling, the yz's are pretty tall and little mor difficult to ride/steer, but not much, they are still super sick mx bikes. suspension is a tad off from the showa on the kx's too. but seriously, unless you do some serious racing you would never notice much performance difference in any of the modern 4stroke 250's.
  2. my buddy has the CHM exhaust on his crf and is very happy with the quaility and performance. they are a pretty good value. you could always look for a used system on ebay if your really worried about price.
  3. - it's all relative to what you're use too.this guy's a horrible speller...
  4. If you're not sure whether you want to add this exhaust system to your '06 kx250f, drop the plastic and buy it now! Holy shit was i amazed at what the gp low boy system did for my '06. After about 10hrs on my new kxf i was wondering &%$#@! was wrong with it and if i made a good decision switching manufacturers. It was a bitch to start and hardly wanted to idle. My '04 yzf absolutely smoked the new kxf and could pull everything off a gear lower. 2nd gear was pittifull and thats where i was used to doing most of my track riding, kickin into 3rd for bigger jumps and straights. (here comes the bashing, i know, i race it like a two stroke, but i swear thats how the yzf wanted it) Ok, now the hype makes sense. Last week i bolted on the new ti4 pipe and header and that engine absolutely came alive, not to mention the bike idles better and starts easier now. 2nd gear now has a ton more grunt and every gear pulls like a champ bottom to top. Who knew a pipe could make a motor behave so differently! It's probably just in my head but the bike feels like it corners easier now too, and it looks so dang pretty! 10 outta 10 for sure, don't hesitate to make the upgrade. that is unless you're already happy with the way the bike is.
  5. i have a bad ass yz250f for sale, let me know if interested
  6. i just ordered one too, getting it next week, i hear good things...
  7. its so funny when people argue on message forums
  8. awesome, thanks
  9. i tried to do the search and i'll i found was this thread?