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  1. tahoe thumper

    wr450 jetting

    Just finished replacing the seals in my carb. The JD kit works well, needs some fine tuning but the bike is running great. Thanks for the help.
  2. tahoe thumper

    wr450 jetting

    the slide was installed with the flat side with the curve in the center down. The seal on the back side was torn and the Accelerator pump diaphram was all but disolved from the carb cleaner (It was perfect before using the cleaner). Would the torn seal behind the slide make it run lean? I am waiting on parts and will try again on their arrival.
  3. tahoe thumper

    wr450 jetting

    I have not had the slide out, but I can not say for the previous owner. The jetting seemed to be fine prior to my air box mods. (I have not had the bike for very long and this was my first chance I have had to work on the carb) I took the carb out to clean it and install the jet kit. Could the carb cleaner have damaged the gaskets causing air leaks? Also, I noticed that the hot start connection at the carb was loose which I fixed. I did not see anything obviously wrong with the carb assembly when it was apart. What do you think?
  4. tahoe thumper

    wr450 jetting

    No, the slide is still in.
  5. tahoe thumper

    wr450 jetting

    I ride a 2003 wr450f. The bike has a FMF Q pipe and the air box has been cut to pull air through the hand holes in the number plates. most of my riding is at or above 6000' between 50 and 80 degrees. I have the JD Jetting kit installed, but with the air box cut the settings seem to be different than what is recommended. The idle circuit seems to be lean with a #50 Pilot. Thank you for any help! Tahoe Thumper