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  1. BaronDeKalb

    Yamoto 200cc chinese bike from day-one

    I like the looks of the RKM 200-E6 better than the E5 but i wish the E6 had a rack, they seem to be slightly different size's also, anyone know ?
  2. BaronDeKalb

    Sweet Goat Trail

    Wow, the object of that one is not to be first, just to make it That was awsome...............
  3. BaronDeKalb

    my next bike

  4. BaronDeKalb

    shifting problems

    try tightining the cable at the grip.
  5. BaronDeKalb

    Need Info. about Tire Sizes

    thanks much will give it a whirl...
  6. BaronDeKalb

    Need Info. about Tire Sizes

    Well im starting to like this bike more now, have to adjust the sag today, this thing has a 300 pound shock in it and i barley move it. Have a few more questions. 1. Could someone post up some pictures of what a correct rear brake lever linkage sould look like, especially where it connects to the pump, i broke 2 of those tiny cotter pins adjusting the linkage and the play in that piston seems sooo small, im afraid that thing will just pop out all together. My rear is ok but i need the pedal a bit higher and want it to grab just a bit more, i dont have the locking problem. 2. Can someone post a link to a bigger seat that would allow me to sit back a bit further it gets pretty thin towards the back of that seat. 3. Has anyone tried puting a 14/16 tire combo on ? Just wondering if it's possible. 4. When i gun the engine sometimes it seems to run of of gas (if i gun it quickly in first, am i draining the bowl or do these bikes have some type of limiters on them any ideas ? Can post any pics needed, thanks for the advice..
  7. BaronDeKalb

    what kind of helmet do you own?

    Fly Light III on sale for 90.00 here, i have one commin after testing out most all the above posts... http://www-origin.motorcycle-superstore.com/item.aspx?style=9077&department=201&Division=2 - also if you add something to get the bill over 100, the shipping is free
  8. BaronDeKalb

    Chinese Dual sports - Where'd you get yours?

    Lmao, it looks like some little dyno creature to me, that is just too funny...
  9. BaronDeKalb

    Need Info. about Tire Sizes

    Point taken, then i quess this is false advertising when they list the bike i ordered as 64" long, another good point to bring up to the BBB and DA... http://www.powersportsmax.com/product_info.php/cPath/33_50/products_id/220 i have read nothing but good reviews for your dealership and i know you care about your customers from what i have read, so i would say to all people considering buying a Pitbike, go with a CO. that stands behind their product and customers you will be happier in the long run....
  10. BaronDeKalb

    Got new SSR 125-SNB today, a few questions?

    As far as the shifting goes i believe these new bike's have a "feature" that prevents them from being shifted if the throttle is open, you have to shift while not in the throttle i think...
  11. BaronDeKalb

    Need Info. about Tire Sizes

    yes i have learned the hard way, the size for that first bike is accurate i think though, this one really is 10inches shorter from wheel tip to tip, i quess the kids can ride this one at least, i dont really fit on it very well, they have a newer 64" model listed on the main site now here.. http://www.roketa.com/htm/dirt-bikes/db-13.htm That doesnt look half bad, but as i said i wont be dealing with these CO's any more and may be calling the CA DA and Better Business Bureau. I mean they cant even send the right bike, that is just SAD, and it would cost me a few hundred more to send it back. Yamaha 40/month is looking better and better...
  12. BaronDeKalb

    Need Info. about Tire Sizes

    well got my bike today (cough, cough) it wansnt what i ordered Here is what they sent keep in mind i ordered the above in Blue....... http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v355/barondekalb/Bike/Roketa3.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v355/barondekalb/Bike/Roleta2.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v355/barondekalb/Bike/Roketa1.jpg The bigest problem is this bike is 10inches shorter than the one i ordered, when i called to complain the lady told me well we got the engine right... Great......... Any NY dealer want a trade, cause i wont be dealing with this CO anymore.... The above that was sent to me is a RDS125X.
  13. BaronDeKalb

    Not to offend...

    i would say the more people involved in the sport, the less likely what is going on in N. Carolina and CA will spread throught the country...
  14. BaronDeKalb

    Hare Scramble music video

    Great Vid... This is what it's all about, not crazy air and headstands on the seat, just pure racing against mother nature. And boy a lot of these riders have not spent much time trail riding that was the best part, the jam up at the waterhole you could see some kids wondering if thier bikes would even make it through :lmao: Great work high quality editing...
  15. BaronDeKalb

    Need Info. about Tire Sizes

    Well i am new here (and wow there are a lot of threads in this Topic) anyways i am 5'7" and about 145lbs (havnt ridden in awhile and lets just say i qualify for senior races) This is being delivered to my house today http://www.powersportsmax.com/product_info.php/cPath/33_50/products_id/220 i think it qualifies as a pit bike, perhaps a long one at 64" ? i was wondering if the 12/14 tire setup will work ok for hard trail riding, or if it is possible to put bigger tire combos on these ? like 14/14 14/16 ect, i would quess that putting on bigger tires would give the suspension less clearence overall and perhaps that is why these bikes use these sizes ? Im basically worried about hitting a big unseen rut at speed with smaller tires. Any light someone could shed on this would be greatly appreciated, This seems to be the best community on the net, i think with all the threads in this Topic it may be time to start a 10/10, 12/14 ect pit sections, just a thought... thanks in advance...