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  1. mc4aregreat

    DRZ250 Geared to High?

    see link. standard 13/49 ratio is more than adequate for 2nd gear riding unless you want more top speed then its usual to put a smaller rear sproket. http://www.jtsprockets.com/52.0.html?&L=0&sel_uid=5775&p=
  2. mc4aregreat

    Weird squeak on my DRZ 250

    squeaky noise from the front may mean the speedo hub needs repacking with grease. It has needed redoing on both suzuki DR's ive had.
  3. mc4aregreat

    DRZ 250 vs others

    GO THE DRZ250. No one should go trail riding without a kickstart as a means of backup starting. Electric starts are great, but just imagine falling off and breaking part of the starter circuit. It has happened to me, but the good old kick start got me back to the pitstop. As it turned out,when checking the bike out at home, the switch in the clutch lever had broken and it can be shorted out in the headlight. Mine is 4yrs old, and apart from me breaking the switch, the bike has never let me down.
  4. mc4aregreat

    DRZ 250 recommended jetting with FMF slip-on

    here is the web site for FMF muffler installation instructions to see if you have the right muffler. The muffler for the DRZ250 is the FMF Powercore 4 type. http://www.fmfracing.com/techsupport/prodinstructions.aspx
  5. mc4aregreat

    DRZ250 gear lever too low?

    I'm glad I posted. I thought it would be to high if I turned it one splice (comes half the way up the cover and look's a bit silly),so this should help other's to be aware when they buying new boots.The ones i bought are size 12 Thor Quadrant, they seem like good boots, but the toe area is too bulky.
  6. mc4aregreat

    DRZ250 gear lever too low?

    Just bought my self some new boots, and they are to big to change the gear lever up properly. Have others found this and how many have moved the lever up an extra spline. It seems a bit to vulnarable and close to the engine case for my liking. The lever is in the standard recommended position,( in line with the top of the footpeg.). My previous lesser priced boots didn't cause this problem, so i'm a bit dissapointed with the new ones.
  7. mc4aregreat

    XR200R oil capacity?

    From the handbook,, :1.1 liter (1 imp quart) ,10w40 oil, and std plug NGK DR8ES-L or D8EA. When checking the oil, unscrew dipstick and let it sit on top to measure the oil level, I find 1 Liter is bang on for basic oil change.
  8. mc4aregreat

    DRZ battery/ starting issues

    DRZ250's wont even kick start if the battery is flat. They need some decent Volts for the ignition circuit. You are on to it. Get the new Battery.!!
  9. mc4aregreat

    DR-Z 250 Chain - Help

    Leave the chain on. Just clean it with a small scrubbing brush and water. Let dry and put some oil on it to prevent rusting.
  10. mc4aregreat

    Help! header problem on xr200

    Now i had the same problem and I also used this same parts drawing. I reckon the drawing shows the part # 2 the wrong way round, and could not get the clamp part # 1 to fit properly until i reversed it. Once in I gave the pipe some real twisting to make sure it was central and it all tightened up nicely.
  11. mc4aregreat

    Need oil change info 1979 XL 185s

    According to the manual i have for the XL185S, full capacity is 1.1 liter(0.97 Imp qt) but oil change refilling when warmed up is approx 0.9 liter(0.8 Imp qt). The oil level is measured with the dip stick screwed out and just sitting on the filler opening.The recommended oil is 10w-40 with an API rating of SE or higher.
  12. mc4aregreat

    DRZ250 front brake pad change

    Thank's GlenF, I Got your e-mail with the pdf. My drz is so reliable I thought I would never need a manual, but seeing how to do the brake pads will make the job so much easier. I must get one because i plan on keeping this bike for some time. Ross.
  13. mc4aregreat

    DRZ250 front brake pad change

    e-mail and reply on its way. thanks.
  14. mc4aregreat

    DRZ250 front brake pad change

    Time to do the first front brake pad change. I've done this many times on older bikes, but this being the first time on the DRZ and not having a workshop manual, how does the process go. eg do i need to take off the wheel or brake fitting or do the pads fit in somehow with out removing either. thanks for any advice.
  15. mc4aregreat

    Clutch Problems on DRZ250

    I say its an oil problem, especially if it gets better when warmed up.. 5/30w is more for cold temperatures. Best allround is semi synthetic 10/40W. I assume there is a castrol type.(good oil), but i use Motul 5100 and gives me no problems. I often hear a lot of trail bikes dont like synthetic oil, and they are proberly right because synthetic is mainly for high performance engines.