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  1. hazam

    625 SMC-How is it?

    Thanks for that last comment, I am just about to go and change my drz400sm for 625smc And wanted to know how it would compare
  2. hazam

    Which exhaust for drz400sm -05

    Thanks for answers. I found on thumpertalk store following 2 items 1. Akrapovic Ti/Ti 1820-0144 $635.3 DRZ400S 02-04 2. Yoshimura Offroad Pro Series Complete System(TRC) Titanium $670.46 DRZ400E 00-05 Is that akra exhaust going to fit on my bike(my guess that it will fit) and what about that yoshi(my guess that it is not stright bolt on) Also I was thinking of ordering JD jetting kit can I jet with that my stock carb and later buy that fcr.
  3. hazam

    Which exhaust for drz400sm -05

    Where do I find that Full yosh Ti for my bike
  4. Which one should I choose akra full ti or yoshi full rs3 Is there yoshi full titanium for my bike? I am also going to by fcr carb kit Can I by everything from here?