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  1. Burrhead

    Handlebar Vibration Fixes?

    Liquid "Barsnake", it costs $50 bucks, but it works. Other stuff I have put in the bars never drys. The website is showing out of stock right now, however; they do have the solid ones for steel bars.
  2. Burrhead

    speedo drive E to SM ?

    The axles are the same. I was thinking of my DR350s. It had a smaller axle than the DRZ400s and SM. I put 17" wheels on it and the DRZ400sm speedo drive would not fit. Sorry, I will do strive to do better next time.
  3. Burrhead

    speedo drive E to SM ?

    The axles are different sizes. The SM has a larger axle. It is easier to put a Vapor on. It will be more accurate, it will have time 12 hours at a time, RPMs and temperature. Somebody sells a speedo drive elimator spacer so you can completely do away with a drive.
  4. Burrhead

    Iron Butt!!!

    Rick does ride-in and ride out on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. I rode in on a Saturday am and rode out two hours later with a real seat. He uses a NASA engineered gel pad in all of his seats. He can raise or lower the riding height etc. IF you don't like it he will fix it so you do, no additional charge. His next rally appearance is in Johnson City in mid July. Rick is just a guy making a living making custom seats for people. He is not a big company. He does his work out of his shop built next to his house.
  5. Burrhead

    dyna beads? how much are you running?

    According to Dyna, all you need is 1 oz in the front. The rear should be 2 oz. I just run 2 oz in front and back. Remember you have to use a vibrating source such as a engraver to get them to shake through the valve stem into the tube. I remember reading here in the past a guy got beads in his tires and did not like it. Then, he got it static balanced and loved it. Obviously, they installer fibbed and did not put the beads in. It is impossible to static balance a tire with Dyna Beads. It takes about 10 minutes a tire even with an electric engraver. That is way longer than the attention span of most tire installers. You will love them. They work much better than static balancing. They work when you get mud in your tires and as they wear.
  6. Burrhead

    Rear Racks....

  7. Burrhead

    Left Key at Home!!! Help!

    Just look in the phone book for Locksmith. They will get you going.
  8. Burrhead

    Heated grips on drz400s?

    I usually don't chime in, however; Safety is involved. I looked a the instructions when I noticed the way they were made and wondered what to do with the wires to the "plug" style heater. The instructions for the Polly Heater say to "drill a 3/8" diameter Hole" in each side of your handlebars near the bar clamps!!! On street bikes it is common to see small holes drilled for wiring. This practice in not followed on dirt bikes. A hole any size will create a weak place in the bars. Aluminum will be riskier than steel bars. Repeated bumps or falls may cause cracking and bar failure. The most critical part of the bar is near the mounts. If you must do this, please check the bars for cracks everytime you get on the bike. That may not be often enough!
  9. Burrhead

    Chain broke - lucky in an unlucky sort of way

    Mine broke in a similar way. 2005 S with ~1,200 miles on the bike, stock chain & gearing. I was in Canada, 100 miles from any kind of a town. I felt a bump and a small sound while crusing along at about 45 mph. I gave it throttle and the engine just spun-up. I was extremely lucky, the chain just gathered or stacked itself on the swingarm and there was no harm done. My break looked almost identical to this break. The chain showed no signs of wear, rust or anything, even where the pin was at the break. Fortunately, I was traveling with a buddy that had a master link that fit and he found an industrial shop (mining) that let him borrow a grinder. All I had to do was fight the entire black fly population of Labrador while I was waiting. Time was tight and we had to ride for hours to get to Labrador City/Wabush at 2:00am. I picked up a new chain, non-oring the next day and was honored to have Johnny Efford, a Cain's Quest winner to put it on. It only lasted a few days, but: I felt better with a chain that had not broke! I threw the stock, broken chain away. I did not need any extra weight on 500 miles of dirt roads. I got the bike from a guy with 500 road miles on it. It was never adjusted, only lubed. I have been riding for nearly 40 years and never had a chain break. I thought it was a fluke, now it may be a problem with stock chains.
  10. Burrhead

    Problems getting Grip off throttel tube

    I put the Symtec heated wraps on my bike with a knurled aluminum tube and the tiny knurles went into the heater, shorted and blew the fuse! It was not easy to figure out where the short was as I suspected everything else. I had to put one layer of friction tape on the tube to keep it from shorting. They work great now, this caused no lasting damage to the heaters.
  11. Burrhead

    best value panniers

    The Ebay ones look very well made and have a great price. To me they look like they will put your bags too far forward. I have a set of Dirt Bags and they are placed more rearward. Take at look at the Givi bags at Happy-trail.com. They are all back on the bike.
  12. Burrhead

    PACK IT/RACK IT...storage advice

    Have you thought about Givi luggage. Happy-Trail.com has great racks for Givi hard bags. They have side and top kits.
  13. Burrhead

    front tire balancing?

    http://www.innovativebalancing.com/ These things made my GL1500 smoother! They really work!
  14. Burrhead

    Inside oil filter o-ring question

    I have a spare oil filter o-ring and I live south of Salem. When are you going to learn to quit going to that dealership? I have been there twice in the last year or so and left both times because - even though I was standing behind the counter with a can of air filter oil and a twenty exposed they would not wait on me! They do not have a cashier, only parts guys.
  15. Burrhead

    Just over at the dealer and they have an SM

    http://www.piedmont-motorsports.com/new_vehicle_detail.asp?sid=6614321E-02X7K10K2008J5I32I44JPMQ3114R0&veh=54149&pov=892646 This one is a Piedmont Motorsports in Bassett (Martinsville) In my opinion Piedmont MS is what I call a dealer.