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  1. mbvdl

    rerouting a tube

    Strange. I wonder if this counts for the WR250F's as well? I see mine also has the same black tube coming out of the head, and just hanging under the frame.
  2. mbvdl

    WR 250f - Clutch & Coolant

    Oh sorry I paid in ZAR. R49000 You can calculate that from the latest currencies. Problem is, itll probably be like $7000 or so, since the ZAR is very weak atm, itll look worse than it is Let me put it this way, the NEW WR's are like R59 000, and i got this one for R49 000 in AWESOME condition with scott damper and gytr pipe. Hope it helps. Great bike though, don't sell it
  3. mbvdl

    WR 250f - Clutch & Coolant

    thanks guys. The radiator tank is there. I checked the tube that *occasionally* drips out coolant. It comes from the tank... Possibly an overflow or pressure release ? Anyway, DeadEye1340... Pardon my stupidity, what do you mean by: "Can I ask how much you gave for your 05 please?"
  4. Hi folks, havent posted in quite some time... I have two questions. I got a new (2dn hand) wr 250F (2005) just a week or so ago. Its in great shape, not even scratched, so I find it hard to believe something is wrong. Firstly, my coolant overflow tube drips a drop of coolant out now and then, not too much. It falls on the pipe, and smell/looks funny, thats why I noticed it. Is this normal? and how and why does it happen? Secondly, I never could setup a clutch to such an extent that Im happy with it, on *any* bike Ive had. Could ANYone please share their advice. I always end up having the bike creep, or not finding neutral... I know it was right when I got it *sigh* How do I go about tuning the bottom and top of the cable? Thanks in advance. M
  5. mbvdl

    Uncorking The 2006 TTR 230

    Thanks... I will try and update this post as I go along... ry0ken, it seems the crf 230 is based alot on the ttr 230's. There is a site here: http://www.off-road.com/dirtbike/projects/crf230f/1/ These mods all seem quite possible (obviously with minor changes) on the ttr, so have a look for "ideas". And keep it sane Also keep me posted, PM your email addy or something if you like, we can collab Regarding jetting, I think ill just ask yamaha service center to do it for me..., finding parts here, with my skill, is next to nada.
  6. mbvdl

    Uncorking The 2006 TTR 230

    Let me use my first post on TT to say Hi. I am from South Africa (cape town). I got my new 2006 TTR 230 very recently, and it's superb for my body weight/length. I have a mere question or two, and the first is probably one you have heard many time. I could not find anything on the 06 230 here though. I want to do basic uncorking, remove baffle(?), do airbox and jet the carb (if this is really neccesary). Are there any TTR 230 owners here who have done these among other things? I would like to know the results, and pointers, and general advice. I am sh*tscared of doing the carb, never done that before on any of my bikes. My second question is, what kind of grease can I use for the: -rear suspension -brake/clutch levers -wheel bearings/axles? Thanks in advance! Marlon