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  1. Davidbell

    hole in the cylinder head

    I read a few posts before i replied so i do not double post and do not think it is a drain. It is near the top of the head and is oval shaped. You can see the clear metal where it broke of.
  2. I have just bought an xt350 and have noticed a small hole in the cylinder head it is on the left hand exhaust valve between the two cams with about a 4mm diameter could i plug it with plastic steel or should i get it welded.
  3. Davidbell

    Xt350 Cam Chain

    here are the pics http://s82.photobucket.com/albums/j242/Davebell123/?action=view&current=8c1aefb9.jpg http://s82.photobucket.com/albums/j242/Davebell123/?action=view&current=75c7043f.jpg
  4. Davidbell

    Cleaning a Camelback

    bleach evaporates so if you are worried maybe blow it out with a compressor a few times. i used to grow flowers and we add bleach to the water let it sit overnight the next day there is no bleach left if there was it would kill the flowers.
  5. Davidbell

    Xt350 Cam Chain

    I have not worked on motors other than general service and maintenance i had an xj750 and all i ever needed to do was clean out the carbs so i would have liked a book which spells things out in layman's terms the book covers the tt-r pw rt xt350 xt225 to much info to fit in one book with any detail i think they would have done better to have a dedicated book for each model most of the pics are of a tt i think so if you had one it would be ok but i am not overly impressed. i am thinking of getting the Clymer manual mentioned allot in the forums i have read and there is one dedicated to the xt350 tt350 if i get one i will post a comparison. I would have just liked a description of a properly installed chain eg how tight it should feel how it looks so i know i have done a proper job.
  6. Davidbell

    Xt350 Cam Chain

    I have a 1990 Yamaha xt350 which runs fine but has a noise coming from the top of the motor I thought it was one of the cam shafts or a valve as it is louder on the left side of the motor so I opened it up to have a look. The cam chain does not look like it is sitting properly on the sprockets which are on the right side there is a gap between the bottom of the chain and sprocket where you would expect the chain to be sitting if you push the chain it sits properly but when you let it go it pops back up. I have a Haynes manual it is not much help it tells you how to pull the bike apart and put it back together but does not have any pics showing you how the chain should sit. If anyone has a pic of a correctly installed chain (just the top end) or could tell me if the chain should sit right down on the sprocket I will know if I should worry about it. I can post a pic tomorrow of mine if anyone wants to see what I am on about.