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  1. ok im sorted now, after cleaning all the carbon off of the crown i found an arrow
  2. You get positive and negative pressure waves moving up and down the exhaust system. These can help to scavenge on the exhaust stroke aswell as maybe helping fill the cylinder when you have valve overlap. When you change the length/diameter or remove obstructions in the system, you change the times that these pressure waves travel up and down the exhaust andso altering the characteristics of the engine. Once you removed the silencer material in the exhaust you essentially made it shorter and i am pretty sure shorter pipes are good for top end but midrange suffers. i hope this helps, or maybe i"m just talking gumph
  3. ok guys i gotta an xt 600 and i have stripped to fit new rings, so far so good. The crown has 2 dimples, to give room for valve openings i guess. When i stripped it they were facing front, is this right? in my experience the dimples are usually at the rear or the larger ones are at the rear, due to larger valves on the inlet side. I am asking cos i dont have much confidence in the shop that previously worked on it (the valve timing was out when i checked and its hasnt run right since it was worked on 20 odd years ago!) Thanks in advance (top forum by the way chaps)