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  1. I fractured my scaphoid . the fracture was put in a cast for six weeks and the Doctor told me that it was healed. Apparently the x ray was not very clear . The dull pain never went away . one year later I got a second opinion and had new x rays taken and the fracture had clearly never healed. Six weeks ago I had a bone graft and a screw placed . The break was clean and the bone was not miss-aligned. My question is: with a brace when can I start riding again ?
  2. rylan

    wrist fracture

    i fractured my scaphoid the fracture was casted and 6 weeks later i was told it was heeled apparently the x ray was bad the dull pain never went away .one year 6months later i found it was still broke so 6 weeks ago i had a screw put through the bone and a bone graph the break was clean and with all the riding in between times my bones never miss-aligned . my question with a brace when could i start riding
  3. yes the offset is done to both top and bottom clamps but the point at which they measure the offset is different. I called rg3 and they said the 22mm puts the front wheel more under the bike for better handling.If they where measuring at the top offset it would not put the wheel more under the bike it would push it out. both companies are doing the same thing they just using different point of measuring the offset. Applied offset at the top.. rg3 offset at the bottom rake.
  4. I think that the the two companys are talking about different measuring points. Applied offset of the top and rg3 offset of the rake on the bottom?
  5. rylan

    XR / CR 50 brake reassembly

    I bought EBC brakes that came with spring rod .. THE SRING ROD DOES NOT FIT I had five people try. use stock spring..
  6. rylan

    XR / CR 50 brake reassembly

    Did you Find out how it's done? I can rebuild my yzf top end but I can figure out how to put on xr 50 back brakes.. Thanks