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  1. Gordo426

    YZ426 Dual Sport Kit?

    Do the WR Stator and Flywheel! I have a Baja Designs kit on my 2002 426 and I do not like how far out the external stator sits. In fact, while I was looking for a skid plate, I scraped it on a rock and tore it up to where it had massive oil leaks. I switched to the WR stator (with Flywheel) and it works great. Not only does it work, but you get to use your stock crank case cover and will be well protected. My advice, follow the instructions from Electrex, I believe, and by all means, when you redirect the ground wire inside the WR stator be careful! Make sure you use the right kind of epoxy (I used JB Weld rated for water proof and over 300 degree continual heat) and tuck the wire away so it will not rub on the inner cylinder of the flywheel. I made this mistake and learned the hard way...caused an arc and made me misfire.
  2. Gordo426

    YZ 450 cam mod-please read

    Excellent. I ordered my exhaust cam yesterday. I also ordered the TT decomp plug so I wont have to worry about losing the OEM one!
  3. I have searched the forum and I see information that is VERY dated. I have a line on a very affordable 450, but it is NOT registered in CA. It is a Canadian bike owned by a third party. The owner has agreed to go with me to DMV so I can try to register the bike before we exchange money. Has anyone dealt with registering Canadian bikes in CA in recent times...meaning this year or perhaps last year? The bike is a 2002 so it should qualify for a green sticker...it is useless to me if I cannot get a green sticker. Any info is greatly appreciated! By the way, I am making the switch from Blue to Red
  4. Gordo426

    YZ 450 cam mod-please read

  5. Gordo426

    YZ 450 cam mod-please read

    Hey guys....I have a 2002 426 and I have the starting method down pat, no problem for me. What I don't like is the habit of finding TDC when riding with my friends all on CRFs...by the time I get it fired up (especially if it takes a second kick) they are half a mile in the lead. Does the 450 cam mod really allow us to kick it withOUT finding TDC?? I have heard conflicting comments. Please put an end to my curiosity and if the it is affirmative I will be purchasing the cam today! Thanks
  6. Ok, update. I got out the multi-meter and tested the voltage coming out of the stator on the wire that connects to the lighting system. It reads 0.5 Volts. Basically, 0 voltage. Does this mean the stator is completely fried?
  7. I know there are a lot of threads covering this topic, but I have not found one covering my situation. Let me tell you the background story briefly. I have an 02 YZ426 with the dual sport (and CA street legal!) kit on it. I hit the external stator on a rock and damaged the stator causing a massive oil leak. To fix it more economically, and get rid of the rock hitting hazard, I installed the WR stator on my YZ. I followed the electrex instructions (as provided by threads on TT...Thanks guys!) and all worked great...for one ride. The ground wire did not have enough clearance from the flywheel and it rubbed, taking off the insulation and causing an arc to occur at high rpms. The bike was backfiring and missing at about 1/2 throttle and higher rpms. I took the stator back out and re-engineered the wire correctly. Now the bike runs great, but unfortunately, the lights are not getting power. Why is my lighting kit (headlight, turn signals, brake light, everything) not working? Did I fry my regulator? The fuse going into the regulator is not blown... How can I trouble shoot this?
  8. Thanks for the info...I better understand the differences now and will search for a Scotts or GPR stabilizer built for dirt. Thanks
  9. Hello all. I have a 2002 YZ426 and I also have access to a free stabilizer that come off an '05 Aprillia Tuono (that I wrecked) and I am wondering if anyone has ever managed to place a stabilizer from a street bike on a dirt bike? Would it even be worth it? Would the valving be adequate for off-road use? I am not a tracky, but hit everything else sand and dirt. Any ideas on this one? Obviously I am trying to investigate this only because the price is right...unless I have to spend countless hours and hundreds of dollars getting it to mount to my YZ. Thanks
  10. Hey all, I had somewhat of a unique situation, but long story short I had a Baja Designs dual sport kit including external stator. I crashed (before I could find an appropriate skid plate) and the stator was severely damaged causing a huge oil leak. Since that stator costs $500, even Baja Designs suggested to go with something else for a repair! I used the info in this thread...and especially the link to the Electrex site with directions for redirecting the ground...and I installed a 2001 WR Stator and flywheel on my 2002 YZ 426. It worked perfectly and it really was not very difficult. All turn signals and brake light work. headlight seems to have just about the same power as when Baja Designs system powered it. I highly recommend this conversion. Just make sure you have a buddy around to hold the tire while you torque the crankshaft bolt back on! OH! Buy your parts from TT store. You will save nearly $100 from a dealer. 2001 and 2002 parts have slightly different part numbers, but both will fit any yz 426...2001 parts are cheaper!
  11. Gordo426

    YZ426 to WR450 upgrade, should I...

    Thanks guys, this is really helping me with the decision. I think I will keep the 2002 YZ426 for this season and snag a 2007 WR450 for next season. This was a very helpful thread! Not to mention the fact that in CA only the WR's carry a green sticker, it's really the only choice we have unless you're a track junkie.
  12. Gordo426

    YZ426 to WR450 upgrade, should I...

    Hello...I am an 02 YZ 426er myself, but thinking I would be best served with the new WR like you guys. One more question to add to the conversation: Any of you take your WR's to the sand dunes? I am wondering if the wide ratio tranny will make the WR a dud in the sand hill climbs. Any thoughts?? Similarly, for very slow and technical dirt riding, big boulders, tight trails does the wide ratio tranny make it difficult...create extra clutching? Thanks!
  13. I am looking for a spare set of wheels for my 2002 426. I see some ads for YZ 250s for example, but do not know if the bushings and hubs are the same. Anyone have a good resource on what models and years of Yamahas are interchangeable for the 426?? Thanks for any help. Oh, and feel free to message me if you happen to have a spare set that you want to sell.
  14. Gordo426

    426 Skid Plate with Baja Designs Kit

    Seriously, No one has any experiences with this?
  15. Gordo426

    any trick to startin the 426??

    I have noticed a similar happening with my 2002 426. It normally starts on first or second kick. When it doesnt start on the second kick, I pull the hot start button and it almost always kicks over very easily. HOWEVER, after riding for an extended time in very slow and technical courses, the bike is very hot. Sometimes it will not start right away with the hot start. My advice is to take 1 or 2 minutes pull off the googles to cool down and drink from the camel back. Once you are ready to go, the bike will be too. After a 1 minute break I have never had a problem starting the bike, and the hot start is generally not needed anymore either.