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    bike-a-holic - still manage to play basketball and tennis
    2017 Update that was 10 yeears aog... still play tennis. Gave up on basketball and kick start thumpers.Trying to act my GrandFather Senior Citizen Age but still have a HONDA CBR Liter bike in stable.
  1. sdanville

    1997 DR350SE stalls on XWay vacuum starving the bowl ?

    Just reading my old posts. I changed the petcock to one with out the vacuum need.... and it ran fine. i have since sold that DR350 and bought a KLR250. I miss the electric start . this 99 KLR250 11-1 compression kicks like a 400-500cc. I swore off kick start bikes years ago. Im a Liar evidently.
  2. HONDA HONDA HONDA. Ive owned 80+ Motorcycles. 1/2 thumpers. The NX250 was the best MPG's motorcycle of them all by a lot. ( that could keep up with traffic ) Every fill up I pinched myself. I weign 260lbs and would get 85-90 miles per gallon. One thing however, it took premium. I figured it was the 11-1 compression, but the KLR250 is 11-1 also and from what I read it doesnt require premium. THese days there is about 70 cents more per gallon for premium. ( 2017 ). But try and find a NX250. they sold them 2 years. there are millions of KLR250's. that is what i have in my stable now.
  3. sdanville

    Honda CBR1000F 1994

    I have owned about 80 Motorcycles. I have bought a couple bikes a year since age 16 back at 1970. Once in a while, a bike I buy surprises me on how much I like it. In my current stable of 6 Honda's, this CBR1000F has won me over. Just today I put 4 hours in the saddle. at 250lbs and 6'4" no way would I think a CBR would be comfortable. I am here to tell you it is for me. In addition, it has the best brakes and best handling of anything I have owned. My ST1100 has the V65 motor, I wont say the CBR has a better power plant. MPGs not impressive, Ave maybe 35. the next year the bike had fuel injection. Didnt know that fact when I bought mine,the 1994 was the last of the Carbs era. at almost 600lbs wet, it is not light but is manageable for me. I wanted a 1985 VF1000R but bought this instead and it handles and brakes better than the viseral 1985 I rode. I recommend this bike.
  4. sdanville

    1997 DR350SE stalls on XWay vacuum starving the bowl ?

    So, in addition to loss of power on the xway. Ny only other gripe is taking off from a stop , I have to often ease into the throttle and even then siometimes I will stall it. Without the electric start, I would have sold the DR350SE. Is this why I read so much about owners installing a pumper carb ? Assuming there is a carb with a diaframe to shoot a little gas in there at take off. My last dual sport was a 1985 Honda XL350R , it had two carbs... I would still be riding it ...if it had an electric start. ------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. sdanville

    1997 DR350SE stalls on XWay vacuum starving the bowl ?

    So Four of us have the same problem. None are cured ( Faulty fuel line excluded ). Maybe I need to write Cycle World Q & A. I have to park the DR350SE and take my ST1100 if I want to take the XWay more than 3 Miles.
  6. sdanville

    2011 dr 650 !!!!

    I have a 96 DR with the purple frame. I defagged it to a point taking the rainbow decals off the side covers and tank. Its a real plane Jane now, but looking at the 2011 DR Graphics....thats what I have been waiting for. if the new decals clash with my purple frame,,,,then I will buy a couple rolls of black elect tape and wrap it up in black.
  7. sdanville

    1997 DR350SE stalls on XWay vacuum starving the bowl ?

    I think I will replace the fuel line. its hard to imagine that could/would fail, but will report back after I try that. I still need a bit more convincing the fuel tank cap is vented. I thought that was the whole reason behind the fancy ass dual line diaphramed stock petcock ..so no fumes could ever go into the atmosphere unless the bike was running. 9/17/2010 update. The fuel line looks perfect.
  8. sdanville

    1998 dr350se

    Did you buy it ?
  9. sdanville


    take the left engine cover off. make sure its dry in there. I found mine full of gas, let it dry for two days and have since riden it 1000 Miles.
  10. sdanville

    Info on a 1997 DR350SE

    If the graphics bother you , do what I did. I deFagged mine. I took off the decals, bought black paint and painted the sabble and fork boots. Yes, the purple frame is still purple, but its much better than it was.
  11. I now have about 1,000 miles on the 1997 DR350SE I bought this year. Happy with the MPG's 58-60, I am 6'3" 250lbs and use the throttle. This stall happened 3 times. before and after I swapped out the stock vacuum petcock for a Rapter petcock. ( thanks to these forums I learned about the optional petcock ). So, my problem is,when heavy on the throttle, 70+ MPH into the wind for example for 2-3 miles the bike stalls. In a minute it will start up again. It has only happened 3 times in 1000 miles but every time I am into the wind or upgrade going 70+ MPH. I am thinking fuel starvation from the bowl. I have no fuel filter. I have a New clean petcock screen. I am thinking my origional petcock had a plugged vent to the tank and my new petcock has no vent to the tank - ? any one had this experience ? If it gets cured, I will amend this thread. Maybe youre thinking what I am thinking, take off the gas cap and run it wide open on the xway and see what happens.( besides saturating my crotch with petrol.)
  12. sdanville

    Dr 350

    I downloaded the whole service manual online for free. this is an old post , so its probably to late to help you. on rapidshare. http://ineedfile.com/download/6413291-suzuki-dr350-almost-service-manual-zip
  13. sdanville

    '80 Honda xl500s

    How long did Honda use the 6 volt system ? I didnt know they went all the way to 1980.
  14. sdanville

    XR650L Gas Milieage

    Cant explain why the Honda 650 is so bad. My Xr650L 38 MPG My NX650 38 MPG My FT500 50 MPG My NX250 75 MPG all honda thumpers.