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  1. RobertN

    Atk Motorcycles

    Interesting notion. They have all high end parts on them, always have since the company started way back in the early 80's, yet you call them junk. Interesting! I guess quite a few people just never knew they existed, but Dirt Bike magazine did and still does do write ups on the ATK's. The 700 had a story on it about 2 years back. Some people just don't read about what they profess to be interested in. Lack of knowledge about something means you shouldn't post about something you know nothing about.
  2. Mister DUH, I don't know if that's directed at me, but you must not be understanding the point of what I wrote. People are mad at the answers given BY THE RIDERS! They know why they didn't win, but people keep bitching about the reasons they give. &%$#@! are they supposed to say week after week. How many times can Chad say he's not on RC's or Bubba's level? When RC loses, how many times can he say Bubba was having a better day? They are giving reasonable answers since they just rode around at race pace for 35 minutes and people are wanting them to have "better answers". That's why I'm saying STFU.
  3. No big bore dual sport? Same two under powered bikes for the last "how many years?"
  4. When people ASK why he doesn't win, what's he supposed to say? STFU!!! I can't stand people who don't understand that every rider has at least 3 reasons why they didn't win. Maybe they weren't into the track, conditions, or feeling up to it. Could be the bike too. Notice that mechanical failures do happen. It's you people who complain about the racers and what you think they should say who should shut your own pie holes because what you say really has no value and suX!!!
  5. They revamp the WR's completely and everyone bitches? &%$#@! were you expecting? The only real bummer is they got rid of the TTR250 and screwed the dual sport crowd with the same old same old. No big bore dual sport? Now that suX!
  6. RobertN

    why, how, where is the power?

    I don't know WHY it is so hard for people to realize the 400 is just a faster machine. It's about 30 years technologically ahead of the 650.
  7. RobertN

    Top Speed

    I have a 1990 which supposedly was more powerful than the 96-current models. I was racing a friend on his 500 (550) suzuki twin. I forget what the bike was, but his speedo went higher than mine as mine went over the 110mph mark and kept pulling Sloooooooooooooooowly along with his till we called it quits. According to his speedo which I'm guessing was optomistic we were running 117. This was in Maine where you have plenty of room to run without much law enforcment to worry about. My guess is the actual might have been closer to 110mph.
  8. I've got one also. Great helmet! Recommend for long street rides. Keeps your face wram in the colder weather and has plenty of vents for the summer. Plus, if you want to wear goggles, you can.
  9. RobertN

    Weeble Wobble

    They say this for 3 reasons: 1. They are too lazy to do it and THEY feel it's a waste of time. 2. They think you don't ride enough high speeds for long stretches to matter. 3. They think you ride the bike primarily off road, which means if you have any amount of mud adding weight to the wheel, it makes a balance job ineffective.
  10. RobertN

    southwick..did anyone notice.

    No doubt Bubba's bikes will probably break more than others. He's hard on the engines riding full out like that.
  11. RobertN

    Pics of your best SCRUB!

    Maybe the thor tuff block which looks like the one next to it! It's on the edge of the track, not on his fender.
  12. RobertN

    650 vs 450

    How did this comment find its way into this topic? This isn't a political topic about guns, it's the politics of which bike is better suited to the person asking.
  13. RobertN

    Chinese X-Ranger 200

    I'd restore the old xl. I'm sure it would cost less than the chinese bike, and you can revalve the shock and forks, and put a race tech cartridge emulater in the forks for $150 making it feel more modern. You could even do as I did with my 86 XR200 and buy beefier forks from a newer XR model for cheap on ebay.
  14. RobertN

    Stewart OUT for Budds Creek

    I go to Southwick every year, and I honestly think if Bubba did not show, I wouldn't have gone because it would have just been RC out in front by a minute or more. Southwick 2006 had to be race I've seen since I've been going.
  15. RobertN


    You want disappointment, you should have seen Pastrana at Southwick. He looked like a friggin amateur.