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  1. I'm obviously a simple bloke( Aussie) . I drilled the main jet to ? Buggered if I know, and have the stock needle on 4th pos with plastic spacer and the thing runs beaut, no surge, just nice and clean throughout the whole rev range.... Will do an economy run but bloody he'll what's with all the fuss with these things?
  2. Just measured up a Kiehin naff needle, AOL 61mm(from middle clip) 10mm 2.9mm 20mm. 2.7mm 30mm. 2.6mm 40mm. 2.3mm 50mm. 1.9mm 61mm. 1.3mm I've only just started reading through your thread so not sure what your end result was, but this needle seems to sit somewhere between the dj and fp needles, is that a good spot?
  3. Bloody hell that's some reading so I better get busy, but in the meantime what does This all mean for the Australian stock needle I have with the 4 clip positions? Still too lean? And have you looked at Kiehin 2t needles for this application? Or am I just being silly?
  4. Hmm ok thanks, has anyone tried Kiehin 2t needles in the bst, lol I have plenty of those. When you say shimmed up .030", from what clip position? It on the 4th from top at moment. Thanks for the help, by the way I loved the big box of goodies I received off you a couple of months ago.
  5. Thanks, no doubt its the way to go but i'm a tight ass!! So i'm just going to drill the main jet till its right at wot then muck around with needle height till i get decent enough mileage/rideability. edit. been preparing for a 2 week rally thats happenning next month and its blead me dry....
  6. I have just fitted a pipe and opened up the airbox, and mine is doing exactly the same, although i thought it would as it still has the standard 140 main jet. pull the side cover and airbox cover off and ride it while putting ya hand in the airbox to partially cover the carb inlet and see if it picks up..
  7. Good info, thanks. I think in the front i'll go with .50 springs and Race tech emulators. The rear, 8.3 spring and gold valve kit.
  8. You're last sentence says a lot, so i'll go with respringing and revalving the stocker. Thanks. Next question, do you're gold valve kits come with instructions for different valve stacks depending on style of riding and weight carried? If so will this kit enable me to get the shock working as well as a tuner could? I see they already come with comprehensive fitting instructions. Cheers
  9. Hmm, well i think it is a question of performance. If i'm going to spend double the money that i otherwise would have, i want it to perform better. I think that's reasonable! Doesn't seem to be a great deal of info out there on the Ricor, and i dont particularly want to take the gamble on it being no better than the revalved and resprung stocker! Thanks.
  10. Will the Ricor out perform a stock rear unit that has been resprung and revalved(gold valve)??
  11. Are both your bikes set up for woods? ie. revalved susp??
  12. I agree, IMO my 02KX is a better trail bike than ally model YZ's i've ridden, the biggest stand out is how planted the KX's front end is compared to the skittish YZ's. Thanks guys, not a lot of KX's(enduroized) on the trails out here in Oz(plenty of YZ's), so any feedback on the later models is helpful, as i've loved owning the 02KX and as you see in my sig, i've owned later model bikes but the KX is best so far. I'm not brand loyal, but i like a front end that you can trust, and so far full points to the KX...
  13. Interesting, thanks for the reply. I may just have to hang onto the 02 for a while longer till i ride something thats better. No point updating for the sake of it. If i'm going to update, its gotta be a better overall bike than what i've got.
  14. Can anyone shed some light on why the KX would be no good in the trails?? I have an 02 KX atm that is set up for trails, and its great, i wouldnt mind updating to a later model. Would it just be the stock suspension that is being refered too????
  15. 13-48 is much the same as 14-51, 14-52 is a tad lower. I dont want to lose too much top end either. Its a balancing act with 2t mxr's. 13-49 was original gearing yes, i may even try 13-49 or 13-50 next time. FWW deffinitely made mine more manageable in tight snotty tracks. As far as stability i reckon the KX is the most stable of the mx 2t's, still cant hurt to run a stabilizer though. But for me if i had to choose only 2 mods they would be 1. susp revalve and 2. FWW, in that order.