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  1. A susupension guy up here in OR did my 06 front and rear for around $360 and oh god what a difference. I haven't ridden with the newly revalved shock yet. But the fork was amazing! Just like butter!! This should of been the first modification I made. trying out the shock at a XC tomorrow.
  2. Ok for the second oil change in a row I'm finding little particles of what seem like dirt and grime in my scotts stainless filter. At first I thought it might of been from running the oil a ride or two longer than usual. But I just got done changing it after one ride at around 4-5 hours on the ride and found more stuff on the outside of the filter. Nothing really big just small stuff but definately noticeable. I've been running Rotella 15-40w in there and change it often. Anyone else have this problem?
  3. yzfireguy

    Exhaust problem.Is this bad???Photo

    I would call WB and tell them what your dealing with. Your shock makes enough heat in itself and I wouldn't think adding the added heat of the exhaust (which is quite a bit) would be a good think. IMO
  4. yzfireguy

    06 450 skid plate/ glide plate

    I've got the GYTR, bolts on nice just watch with the Aluminum to aluminum chaffing that it can do. Put something in between the lower frame rails the the skid plate.
  5. yzfireguy

    Stock 06 exhaust sound decibel?

    anyone one else
  6. ANyone know the stock sound decibel? I have a pro moto billet end cap with the spark arrestor in and without the sound dampning plug. I have a race on sunday and there is a strict 99 decibel limit. Any help?
  7. yzfireguy

    flywheel weight, 06 YZ450F

    I just put the offroad weight on my 06 and road it down the road and notice a difference. I'm racing in a ISDE this weekend on it so I'll let you know how it worked. Before out where I ride there is a lot of tight wood sections and I was having problems stalling the bike and it felt like I was slipping the clutch way to much. SO hopefully this will help.
  8. yzfireguy

    What Brand Plastics and Graphics

    Anyone know if the wr 450 plastic side number plates will work on the yzf's? I hate that there is no place on the right side of the bike to lift it up. I do a lot of woods riding and it's nice to have a place to grab that doesn't burn your hand. My large chunky sausage fingers don't fit in the air scoops. Thanks
  9. yzfireguy

    Radiator Brace?

    I originally bought those rectangular boxed shaped Work connection radiator braces and didn't like the way they worked and I accidently bent one in my hands before mounting it so I returned them. That and the metal felt a little on the weak side. I also wanted to support a local company. Rooster Performance's HQ is two miles from one of the stations I work at. Check out there stuff it seems like you get more bang for the buck.
  10. yzfireguy

    Radiator Brace?

    I've looked alot of braces for my 06 450 and haven't liked alot of them due to some being poorly made (works connection) and some that restrict air flow. Try Rooster performance. I've bought a couple of things from them and there great. I talked with the guys who in charge of the company and there still working on the radiator braces for the new 06 450's but they should be out around the end of the month. I went into the place they make them and saw some for the 05's and there stout. You can get them in the MX version (just a brace) or the woods which is a brace and protects the front. I asked him about airflow compaired to the stock louvers and he said that there hoping to make these flow better than the stock lovers. Check out the website www.roosterperfromance.com and give the guy (Steve Thompson) a call he's really helpful. Hope that helps. AMF P.S. there front disc guard is the nicest front disc guard I've seen, gotta have one.
  11. yzfireguy

    2007 Yamaha's Have Real Footpegs???

    Compare a set of fastways to stoke and see the huge difference in the width, huge.
  12. yzfireguy

    Scotts stabilizer

    I wasn't sure how much I used my dampner till I didn't have it. My old yz250 came with it so I always had one. When I rode my dad's 03' 450 his didn't and it was amazing at how much head shake there was on it compare to my beloved two-stroke with the dampner. They are expensive but once you get one all is needs is some TLC and you won't have to buy another one for quite a while. One guy I ride with has had one for almost ten years. You just send it in to Scotts every now and then for some new seals, oil and it's as good as new. In my opinion one of the best investments for your bike. AMF
  13. yzfireguy

    Need a 06 rear hub

  14. yzfireguy

    Need a 06 rear hub

    I'm tryinig to put together a spare rear wheel and am in need of a Hub that will fit my 06 450 with an 18 inch excel rim. Thanks
  15. I took apart the housing on my 06 to lube the throttle cables with my luber thing I've always used but at the end of the cables there's a channel that opens up to the cable. When I tried to lube it with tri-flow it just sprayed out. What is everyone doing to lube these besides taking the cables apart from the carb? Thanks