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    how many people have chinese clones instead of the real thing?

    GUNG HO!/ SEND IN THE CLONES anyone remember the movie in the 80's Everyone was afriad Japan was taking over. Japan was lambasted for cloning and copying things. It was a given as cultural thing that japanese were good at improving, but not originating. Sounds like what people are saying about china. At the time Japanese cars had only become main stream acceptable for about 10 years, and were no where near where they are today with Luxury Cars (like LEXUS , INFINITI so they should have been in trouble for copying BMW, CADILLAC and MERCEDES etc, etc . Since they were the luxury cars first. How bout Ford? maybe they should sue all other manufacturers who were not around with the Model T , since they obviously copied, mfg process and so on... where does it end... PS- i just went to a Motorcycle Musuem. Had bikes up to 100 years old. Brands from Europe, and names like Indian, Norton etc. Funny I didnt see no Hondas. Hmmm. Must have been a clone bike musuem? Or they are ignorant that Japan is the end all be all of Motorcycles. I should inform the curator. I digressed but here are some pitbike related questions... As for Japanese R&D costs..Lets see some the expensive RD hmmm 1. Electric Start-on motorcycles has been around for how long? My scooter in 1985 had it. My 400$ clone bike had it... yet my 2000$ CRF 100 did not? Funny how all the magazines, and marketing hype now over the "magic button" or OUR NEW LINE OF ESTART machines...where was the estart 2-3 years ago.. sitting on the shelf till the big 4 had no choice but to put it out... 2. SUSPENSION ( inverted forks/gas shocks/adjustable/ preload-etc) how much have the forks changed on the crf50...are they even very different then when I was a kid on my 1973 Honda QA 50?? Ok forget big bikes, but as for minis the CR 80 went inverted forks over 10 years ago, but still the crf 50, 80, 100 ,150, 230 get the pogo sticks. Since Honda was not nice enough to offer us inverted forks, you could either forego them or bend over and pay for forks what you just paid for the whole bike. Same with the rear. Are little threads and preload nuts that expensive to add on to the shock body??? How bout reservoir shock? These have all been around for 20 + years in mainstream mx. 3. DISC BRAKES--- Ditto the above. I pay how much for my new crf 150/230 and you give me a DRUM brake...Why i oughta.... So finally my wrap up. 1. Up until now, the big 4 had a virtual lock on the market. People basically got to pick a color and size and that was it. Their were simply no other viable options, and I didnt ever see them or the dealer weep for me for my lack of choice. 2. Most of what people deride as clone bikes are not even clones. And they deride them mindlessly, ignorantly from hearsay, "i heard tell of a feller on wonna them chineeese bikes...." or are just following the herd mentality. Good Marketing Hype, Brand Following Consumer! Heres a cookie now go play nice.... So question is if they are all clones? what are they copying? Is there any 4 stroke 50 size minibike from the big 4 that comes with inverted adjustable forks, gas shock and disc brakes?? last time I looked no. Same basic engine design or bolt up locations maybe but then suspensions, frames, swingarms the whole look -everything is changed and improved immensely. Is a drag or funny car a clone cause it started with a stock company x motor???? What about my 200CC "clone" with 35 inch seat height, 19/16 wheels, e start, Inverted Forks, Disc brakes, gas shocks, w/ preload, compression and rebound adjustment...What is that a clone of??? There is nothing like it from the big 4, and it was 1600$ What about my 28 inch seat height 125 CC bike with inverted forks, gas shocks and swingarm with full linkage? I paid 800 for it.. These companies are not just producing lowly copies, but interesting, attractive and very functional bikes that fill a huge niche that goes ignored by the big 4. 3. Now that we have some more choices, lets see what happens. Its called dollar votes. If you like you buy. You dont like, dont buy & product will go away. Lets see what people buy. PS. I was so happy with my little clone. that I just sold my CRF 100. Now my big clone has got me selling off my CR/XR 250 conversion...Any takers its a genuine Honda! Final Word- Anyone says I am unpatriotic by not buying japanese. I say Pearl Harbor. Bataan. STFU.
  2. aaron997755

    Why no Rear Shock Linkage Suspension on most pitbikes?

    Thanks for your input. I was thinking there was maybe some physics/engineering suspension guru reason why direct suspension was perhaps better on pitbikes. For the 2-3,4,5K people spend I would assume consumer would have demanded it if it were better. So linkage is better. Can somone one clone KX 60 set up then...right size...
  3. Does anyone know why most 50 based Pitbikes, even the high end BBR stuff, do not have linkage type rear suspension but instead have direct mount( Frame to Shock to Swing arm). Linkage type rear suspension is nearly universal in mx. From larger play bikes like the XR 100s, to full racers Cr 85 -CRF 450s, etc... have rear linkage (pro -link in hondas case) suspension. KX/YZ/RM also rear linkage suspension. I believe the only major manufacturer not to use them is or was KTM. From what I understand the linkage provides a leverage point which alters suspension rate in order to provide soft plush ride on little bumps, yet resist enough to prevent bottoming on big hits. KTM had to devise special shocks to control damping/rebound better since they went without the link....(I know this cause I read it on Thumpertalk...)... With so many people pouring so much money into pit bikes, I would think there must be a reason other then money why it is not on them. Can anyone who knows suspension please comment? Reason I ask is before I shell out for a pitbike, I want to make sure I am getting the best suspension technology out up front, rather then rigging up something later... ( ie, like xr 100, awaiting full CR conversion project) XR/CR 280 Big Bore Conversion 2003 xr 100 "wife/buddy bike" (awaiting cr conversion). 50 ebay clone (neighborhood toy, estart, runs strong) 1973 QA 50 ( gone, but not forgotten)