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  1. PCIII??? Is that the efi???
  2. when it happened to me my buddy cut off my shroud and used some sort of epoxy to keep the insert from spinning and then I put on my new plastics... Still holds to this day..... Hope I didn't jinx myself now....
  3. they were supposed to be out this month but I have'nt checked with my guy at action motorsports... .... I have an 07 and already want the 08 because of all the features.....
  4. Crank went out in mine rmz450.... 4 strokes are great racing machines hands down but suck when it comes to maintence.....especially when your machanically dumb like myself....
  5. .... when i'm on the track I hate their roost as much as the next guy & everything else that was mentioned. The one thing that I haven't heard yet is when they flip over on their side, on the blind side of the jump and the rider is off the track (wich at speedworld happens all the time and the only seperate classes when theres alot of them) I know bikes crash to but that's worse...
  6. I have an 07 RMZ450 and i'm thinking about putting the RG3 linkage... Just wanted to see what u guy's think of their product & if it does what they say wich helps prevent back end from swapping when you hit breaking bumps etc...
  7. I have ASV (they do feel better). when I brake it doesn't react as quick as I want it to.... I'll put some aftermarket pads and see what that does...Thanks guy's
  8. I have an 07 Suzuki rmz450 and I rode my buddies bike wich he got off a pro rider and when I jumped into the turn I could brake alot easier & faster than my bike... wonder what I could do without spending a fortune....?... :confused:
  9. That hurts......
  10. coudn't have been the 73 could it??????
  11. About the 4/20 and me not getting worries.....
  12. NO BIGGY.............
  13. Look at this thread it was begging me to say
  14. Now were getting to the good stuff.... "well-educated" huh....nice.. Thanks, my buddy took that of me at E.T motopark in AZ..... Sorry, my join date????
  15. Yup, for a girl you know I think that guy forgot to add