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  1. ScottishCrf

    Not bike, but a scooter

    Iv been looking about the internet for an answer to a few questions i have but havnt really came up with much. I also asked about some scooter forums but i got some pretty vague answers or just none at all This is 2 stroke related and supose its a generic problem so thought i would ask on here and people are bound to have ran into the same problems. I got a 100cc 2stroke scooter to run about in for the good summer weather, i got it really really cheap and fixed all the problems on it but its smoking really really bad, i know the bike sat for a number or years, some people say that some scooters just smoke bad but this is beyond a joke, im sure the police would pull me over for it, its not so bad on idle but once build the revs up its seriously bad. Iv changed the 2 stroke oil for fresh stuff as the stuff in the oil tank could have went bad and put a new plug into it, it idles fine and revs fine, i took the plug out and checked, it was really really black and sooty so i thought that it could be running rich. So i cleaned the carb and checked for a air/fuel screw but found nothing, droped the needle 1 notch and its still smokey and ran worse then before, splutterd like crazy. Took the head of and noticed that the piston has a small amount of play side to side (Is this normal) and noticed that the piston itself had what looked like black oil on it. im thinking that it needs a new piston and rings and fresh seals around the barrle and head, has anyone else ran into the same problems or can shed any light, its also a little difficult to start, have to give is some gas.
  2. ScottishCrf

    that goons got heart!

    what is the purpose in that stupid riding, or cant the guy ride for real, bet hes had a few sore ones
  3. ScottishCrf

    Video: Martin Honda Factory Racing......

    Lmao when that guy said about the gold rims i started thinking about austin powers gold memeber
  4. ScottishCrf

    Is it worth it

    its a kitaco 108se
  5. ScottishCrf

    Is it worth it

    Iv been riding my crf50 for quite some time now, iv spent alot of money on upgrading the engine and suspension ect and love riding it, so much fun Now iv never had a big bike in the life, infact the 50 is the only motorcycle iv ownd, and iv got the chance of a 02 cr250 real cheap I had a shot on it last night and tbh i loved it, didnt want to come off, however i was taking it very slow, infact i never took it out of 2nd gear round the little track, i found it quite scary and a couple of times it cought me off gaurd when i opend it up a little Is it worth going from a 8hp crf50 onto this, some guy said that was down the track that it would be to powerfull to jump right on it without learning to ride a big bke properly After i rode it for 10 mins me arms felt like they where gonna explode haha
  6. ScottishCrf

    possibly the best video ever made

    switch it off as soon as i seen what he got on
  7. ScottishCrf

    Inner Roller kit question

    Was the carb set up fine before Move the pick up to different positions to see if it makes any differance
  8. ScottishCrf

    cdi issue on a crf70... i think.

    ment to be 12v is it not?
  9. ScottishCrf

    Inner Roller kit question

    Ill take a photo of mine tomrow for you, my coil looks a little different but might give you and idea
  10. ScottishCrf

    Front forks......

    If its massive lift your wanting then 70 forks wont cut it, they look more super stock but not, if you know what i mean
  11. ScottishCrf

    Front forks......

    I dont think iv ever seen a xr/crf50 with kx65 forks in my life, 70 forks work well of them with hd springs
  12. ScottishCrf

    Inner Roller kit question

    I have the kitco one on my crf and the yellow and green gose to one side of the coil with a green mark on it, the black gose to the other side
  13. ScottishCrf

    cdi issue on a crf70... i think.

    The cdi's very rarly go, infact i dont think iv ever heard of one going Are you sure the magneto is making a current, dont do what i did and hole the wires while your friend kicks its over, almost blow my hand off After that go to the wiring, its the current still being fed to the cdi, earthd properly ect I had the same problem a few years ago, couldnt for the life of me figure out what was wrong, end up spending 225 bucks on a kitco irk and that sorted it Try and get a 2nd hand after market cdi like trail bikes one or something, will be cheaper and easyer to get ahold of a genuine honda one
  14. ScottishCrf

    Heathers gotta new bike! :)

    Aye thats great riding, put in as much time as you can and smoke your hubby round the track, then never, ever let him live it down