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  1. OK, I've played around quite a bit and just want to confirm ..... went to a 45 pilot jet (took out 48) If I follow the below, I'm turning fuel screw out about 1.75+/- from idle drop/miss This is about 2.5 turns out from pilot screw all the way in. My question: when they say (below) between 1 and 2.5 turns is that turns out from idle drop?, or turns out from fuel screw all the way in? Me currently: 1.75 turns out from idle drop / 2.5 turns out from "all the way in". re: "seems like the most common jetting issue that comes up are pilot circuit related.the following is a sure method to choose the needed changes. with the bike warm and idleing turn the fuel screw in till the idle drops/misses.then go back out till the idle peaks/smooths. this should happen between 1 and 2.5 turns on a fcr carb ....... if you end up at less than 1 turn you need a smaller pilot jet.more than 2.5 you need a bigger pilot jet.
  2. DRZ 400"E" Keihlin Carb Typically ride between 2500 and 5500ft elevation Muzzy slip on w/silencer spark Twin-A filter w/aribox opened HERE IS WHAT I'M CURRENTLY RUNNING: 155 main jet stock dxp needle 5th clip 48 pilot jet 2 turns fuel screw. CE removed and changed to 100 pilot air jet I've seen posts that I should be running a 45 pilot jet ....what difference would this make? Also, any comments on the above good? bad? Thanks much
  3. --To confirm, "pilot air jet" = "slow air jet" (?) ...I just want to make sure that i'm following this correctly. Also, where is air jet located?
  4. Eddie, thanks much ......is there anyplace that I can get these parts instantly (local source) ...I'm in Reno NV and don't know how easy it is to get them. Thanks again.Need: 155Main Jet; 45 Pilot jet; 100pilotAIR jet (?)
  5. Thanks much, sounds like the best (easiest?) solution would be to just re-install the CE? ....and do BTW, do you agree with my 165main and 48pilot I ride 3,000 to 6,000 elevation, mod' aribox and exhaust. Thanks much
  6. RE: Keihin FCR39 / DRZ400"E" Put in a 165main and 48pilot. I also removed the coast enrichener. I threw tape over the two large nipples to test and the bike ran GREAT. I then put everything back together and capped the two niples and the one screw that the coast enrichener plugged into. The bike started running rough. I then pulled the cap off of the screw just above where the gas comes into the carb and it INSTANTLY started to run great. I'm at a loss, ....not sure what thing does. Any help/thoughts greatly appreciated. Pic here: http://www.goraiders.org/bike/forumpics/temp/carb_pic01.JPG ...john (in reno)