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  1. 650polio

    HELP! black plastics for 01 650???

    ok so i guess my next step is maybe doing partial black, and the rest blue, OR i'll have to try painting : (
  2. 650polio

    FMF pipe wanted!!!

    i'd like a fmf for a 650 also if anyone has one
  3. 650polio

    HELP! black plastics for 01 650???

    haha, yeah i forgot to mention that i work in a body shop so finding a gun and some paint isn't an issue, but i would prefer the black plastics before i paint, so only if it's impossible to get the plastics, will i paint, thank you all again for your help, and keep posting!
  4. 650polio

    HELP! black plastics for 01 650???

    again, same question i asked to the other member, what did you do to prep the plastic before paint? also did you use any clearcoat?
  5. 650polio

    HELP! black plastics for 01 650???

    i can get the black frame covers and front fender, but i cant get the headlight shroud or the rear fender, and if i get black plastics i would rather have it as a whole kit, as opposed to just some black
  6. 650polio

    backfire screen

    yeah mine came loose after i took my filter out...so i said ef this and ripped it out...idk, i dont think it should be TOO big of a problem but who knows...i dont think its as much of a backfire screen, as its a screen to provent particles of the airfilter from going through the carb/ engine...please someone correct me if i'm wrong
  7. 650polio

    HELP! black plastics for 01 650???

    how did you prep the plastics...sand, primer, etc??
  8. 650polio

    HELP! black plastics for 01 650???

    sweet, thanks alot guys, yeah i kinda hate the white plastics, if i find anything else on my quest i'll let you guys know, again i am looking for the whole package( minus the tank) THANKS!! -Dennis-
  9. 650polio

    HELP! black plastics for 01 650???

    ok guys here's the deal, i'm brand new to the forum, i've had my dr650 for about 3 years, and now that i finally have my motorcycle lisence i want to do some more work to it, so i went down to my local suzuki dealer (new haven power sports, in new haven CT) and i asked about getting some black plastic peices, they looked around and could only find the front fender, and the right and left frame covers... they said that the black headlight shroud thing, and the rear fender are discontinued! does anyone on here know where i can find/ order some black plastics for my bike(2001 dr650) also it doesnt have to be the same year, since the 01 to i believe 05 should have the same frame, so anything that fits my bike and black...thanks! -Dennis- also i dont need a seat or tank...thanks again