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    Jetting: Blip the throttle and it dies...

    Mine is an 06 and does it too. I just put in a 25 pilot and it still does it. I just got finished test riding it. Old configuration was 155 mj, 27.5 pilot, stock needle with spacer, 3 3/4 turns out on fuel screw. Just installed DJ kit but thought it might be a little rich so went 150 Mj, 25 pilot jet,3rd clip down from the top on the needle. and 3 1/4 turns out on fuel screw Results = it revs much faster in the mid range but I think I hurt the top end with th 150 MJ, doesn't seem to pull as hard as it did. Going to go back to the 155 and also richen up the needle 4th clip down from the top. May try leaning the fuel screw out some. Also in TN close to sea level conditions. Oh, almost forgot performance mods are FMF Q2 slip on exhaust, 3x3 mod, jet kit,14 tooth sprocket.
  2. ZookieFan

    new pipe?

    I have an 06 SM with the Q2 slip on, 3x3 and jetting done. The bike runs very good now and the pipe isn't all that loud at all. It is louder than stock but mainly when under hard acceleration. It just wakes the exhaust tone up some. I did have to rejet though, even though it's just a slip on it was missing and jerking with the stock jetting. After jetting and 3x3 ,it made a big difference. 1st through 5th wheelies no prob.
  3. ZookieFan

    Slip ons vs Full Aftermarket Pipes.

    Not in my case. I have a drz400sm with a fmf q2 slip on and it was so lean it hesitated bad. Rejet and 3x3 and now it runs great. Much better than stock.