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    Need help jetting Suzuki Z434

    I cant tell ya Eddie, as the carb is in the mail. I was hopin to get the right info from ya, buy the parts I need, then have them here by the time the carb gets here. Sorry man, but I just dont know. If you can still help, awesome, if not, I will try and get the info for you once the carb gets in.
  2. YukonGold

    Need help jetting Suzuki Z434

    As far as I know (this is coming from the guy I bought the engine and carb from in Minnesota) the jetting is 45 pilot, 170 main.
  3. Glamis elevation: 345ft Carb: FCR41 Engine: 94MM Piston replated 434, hotcams (in and exh) Suzuki LTZ-400 This quad is strictly dunes, I just got the new motor, and I have no clue &%$#@! Im doing. Rather than risk screwing up a second motor, I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction as far as jetting goes. Also, Im a little afraid the FCR41 is going to be too big of a carb for this motor. Any thoughts? Thanks a lot for helping out a newb to the forums. John