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  1. my sister used that kind she said it didint plug her up like the comercial implies???
  2. do you have a photo of you on your bike w/ that gear on???? im not totaly convinced
  3. i was thinking about getting that what color helemet you got
  4. HOW about this helmet w/ this gear
  5. DO u think black gear would go w/ this helmet and the yamaha????
  6. can anybody find me a pics w/ a dude on a yamaha wearing orange gear????
  7. thats pretty good what do you think of this but with this helmet ??????????????????????????
  8. Any body out there ride a yamaha, and have a really nice looking gear combination. I dont want blue gear, (i dont like to match the bike.) Just wondering what else looks good.
  9. <brimg src="">
  10. seriously tho for the ones who dont believe me. I took a head set, broke each little speaker off. Took those speakers, and wedged them in the little openings for your ears. Just run the wires down to my ipod, (thats hanging around my next)
  11. yup thats rite i actually put 2 speakers in my helmet pretty sweet rite
  12. IM looking to buy some new mx boots, but i cant decide which one to get. I have narrowed it down to 2 "Berik pro ovs" (like RC) or The "SDI crossfire"
  13. were did you get tha mp3 player???
  14. does anybody listien to music when they ride if so were do u put your- cd player, ipod, ect.....???