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  1. Dave450r

    October 25th - Boreal Ski Resort

    This is the only pics I could find http://www.norcalmotocross.com/forum/joey-washburn/17570-elevation-gran-prix.html
  2. Dave450r

    Looking for Amsoil in Reno Nevada

    Hi, give Bob a call he's in Dayton but can meet you in Reno also They are really nice guys http://www.lubedealer.com/QT1Racing/
  3. Dave450r

    why does riding hard make my pinky hurt?

    I also have the pinky's of death, I wear out grips like crazy. I wouldn't say they hurt but during desert races or long tracks they tend to go numb and I guess feel painfull,only during the ride not afterwards. Just hack um off,less wind resistance and lighter:ride:
  4. Dave450r

    sandy corners

    another vote for sitting up front feels like you have more control, the sand you have almost sounds like the silt we have here which is like talc powder, if it is similar the silt is very slippery and look for rocks in the ruts on slow speed corners sit up front weight outside peg moderate throttle untill right before apex of turn and feather clutch and throttle out on high speed corners i find myself nuetral/center body position and weighting outside peg and if possible steering with the back tire, pulling the front and leaning into the corner, this takes a little practice and a lot of commitment and has a higher risk
  5. Dave450r

    Tire Pressure Question

    i like 16-18 ft have gone up to 21# and 14-18 rear depending on speed and the terrain. 18# ft and rear on maxxis desert it's from wide open desert to tight single track
  6. Dave450r

    Just Totaled My Bike Hauler!!!

    okay dokie, no drifting in neighboor hoods
  7. Dave450r


    just woundering why no flaming for no helmet or riding on the street and i do realize some of the footage was at a show/competition:excuseme:
  8. Dave450r

    running rich?

    thanks for the responce, i'm not getting any poping or dieing, when it seems to load up is only with very little throttle under 1/4 and idle never seems affected i have been using a little clutch to handle the burble. From what i have been reading about KTM's is this normal, also have talked to others with KTM's and they have said it is normal for it to happen every once in a while, so not sure, it is not causing any problems with riding just something i'm aware of. I guess it gives me something else to think about when i'm tired
  9. Dave450r

    19 in Excel Rim

    What does it fit?
  10. Dave450r

    running rich?

    ok so i did drop the needle and the main still have a slight bog from idle to rev, and still seems to load up in tight and technical sections and as soon as i'm out of that section and get back on the gas it seems to clear out and run good again until the next section, also i have tried a few different main's, the 165 seems like the power flatens out and went up to a 175 in increments and it still seemed to pull better with the 185 main, i could be wrong but just felt stronger with the 180-185 jets
  11. don't know about the carson track havent been there for a while, but carson has been pretty snow free for a while except up high so i would think it would be ok a few of us are heading out to nightengale for some dez riding meeting at alamo truck stop at 9:00 also moonrocks is ok, fernley track is.... well its fernley which is nice, wilson canyon is good fun, pine nuts are a little muddy and snowy still atleast from what i hear, theres a race at stead this weekend but theres always hungry valley was out there today it was good
  12. jumbo is still pretty snowy and muddy but there is a few dry places
  13. Dave450r

    SX Vs EXE

    i have a 06 525sx and agree with the gears but not sure there is a real differance between the 450 and 525 the 525 tops out around 75-80mph and gets there really quick and i'm using mine for desert and ya the top end speed would be nice so i opted for the addition of the 5th and 6th gearing, my buddy has a 525xc and rarely gets into 6th other than a long straight for racing ease of use and lightest and best suspention possible is what i was looking at and so far very happy