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  1. Yamaha 2-trac is using a Öhlins hydraulic drive. Look here http://www.ohlins.se/Motorcycle/2WDContainerpage/2WheelDrive/tabid/142/Default.aspx
  2. This Guy has 97pcs of 2004 CR250 cylinders maybe ask him for picture http://item.express.ebay.com/Vehicle-Parts-Accessories_Motorcycle-Parts__NEW-CR250-CR-250-HONDA-FACTORY-OEM-CYLINDER-2004_W0QQitemZ180006879678QQihZ008QQddnZVehicleQ20PartsQ20Q26Q20AccessoriesQQadnZMotorcycleQ20PartsQQcmdZExpressItem
  3. I am going to Florida,Texas and Arizona in the Spring, so i was planning on buying the kit then. The price in Sweden for the Non Pro Version of the Z-Start kit (CR250) is ridiculous high, like 780,00 USD.
  4. I can tell you by my list that part nr are: 2002 12010-KZ3-L20 A (66,34mm) 12011-KZ3-L20 B (66,35mm) 2003 12110-KZ3-L30 A (66,34mm) 12120-KZ3-L30 B (66,35mm) 2004 12110-KSK-670 A (66,34mm) 12120-KSK-670 B (66,35mm) 2005 12101-KSK-730 A (66,34mm) 12102-KSK-730 B (66,35mm)
  5. I wonder how many of you out there who is using the z-start from Rekluse? I am only interested in the kit for the CR250 2002-2007 Do I need any special tools to install it? Are they hard to dial in? And where do I find the z-start kit for the best price? Does anyone have a kit to sell to me?
  6. Have you seen this thread?? http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=453829&highlight=orange
  7. My weight is 260 and I am 6,2 tall, and i use RaceTech 0.49kg rated front springs and 5.4kg rated rear shock spring, these work perfect for me. I also use a 20mm riser on the tripleclamp and Renthal ENDURO HIGH handlebars. My seat is +height too, think it was +25mm not sure. The bike (2002 CR250) feels so perfectly nimble
  8. Thank you guys for hi-jacking the thread
  9. Has anyone tested the Torque Spacer for Honda 02-05 CR250 Check this out http://www.mxbonz.com/powrplate.htm Does it Work? Cheap mod then, is the boyesen exh-flange longer than stock?
  10. Does it really matter if i want fmx race or trail look? i just like a cool bike! Maybe like this:
  11. Check out this one from one
  12. I am getting new graphics for my -02 and was thinking that this looks good, any other ideas?
  13. You should use 0.42 kg/mm springrate in the Fork, and 4.9 kg/mm springrate in the rear shock. OEM rates are 0,43 & 4,9 so you are fine with the oem springs Use 380ml 3,5W oil in the fork. Honda OEM Fork seals seems to do the job best in my opinion.
  14. I have Boyesen Super Stock carbon Reeds 60USD part# SC-202, Then i use the Boyesen Exhaust Flange for 80USD part# BEF-02 I also use the Pro Circuit Standard R304 silencer 120USD. These engine mods makes the bike more fun to ride, add a flywheel weight of 14-16 oz if you will use it for trailriding.
  15. Do you really mean that the KTM is more expensive to repair in Canada/US then the Japanese brands? In Europe it is cheaper stuff for KTM vs Japanese parts.