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  1. DigiMan

    2 wheel drive dirt bikes!!!

    Yamaha 2-trac is using a Öhlins hydraulic drive. Look here http://www.ohlins.se/Motorcycle/2WDContainerpage/2WheelDrive/tabid/142/Default.aspx
  2. This Guy has 97pcs of 2004 CR250 cylinders maybe ask him for picture http://item.express.ebay.com/Vehicle-Parts-Accessories_Motorcycle-Parts__NEW-CR250-CR-250-HONDA-FACTORY-OEM-CYLINDER-2004_W0QQitemZ180006879678QQihZ008QQddnZVehicleQ20PartsQ20Q26Q20AccessoriesQQadnZMotorcycleQ20PartsQQcmdZExpressItem
  3. I am going to Florida,Texas and Arizona in the Spring, so i was planning on buying the kit then. The price in Sweden for the Non Pro Version of the Z-Start kit (CR250) is ridiculous high, like 780,00 USD.
  4. I can tell you by my list that part nr are: 2002 12010-KZ3-L20 A (66,34mm) 12011-KZ3-L20 B (66,35mm) 2003 12110-KZ3-L30 A (66,34mm) 12120-KZ3-L30 B (66,35mm) 2004 12110-KSK-670 A (66,34mm) 12120-KSK-670 B (66,35mm) 2005 12101-KSK-730 A (66,34mm) 12102-KSK-730 B (66,35mm)
  5. I wonder how many of you out there who is using the z-start from Rekluse? I am only interested in the kit for the CR250 2002-2007 Do I need any special tools to install it? Are they hard to dial in? And where do I find the z-start kit for the best price? Does anyone have a kit to sell to me?
  6. DigiMan

    David Bailey Plastic/graphics Kit?

    Have you seen this thread?? http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=453829&highlight=orange
  7. DigiMan

    250 lbs. on a cr 250?

    My weight is 260 and I am 6,2 tall, and i use RaceTech 0.49kg rated front springs and 5.4kg rated rear shock spring, these work perfect for me. I also use a 20mm riser on the tripleclamp and Renthal ENDURO HIGH handlebars. My seat is +height too, think it was +25mm not sure. The bike (2002 CR250) feels so perfectly nimble
  8. DigiMan

    Best looking new graphics for 02-07 CR250

    Thank you guys for hi-jacking the thread
  9. Has anyone tested the Torque Spacer for Honda 02-05 CR250 Check this out http://www.mxbonz.com/powrplate.htm Does it Work? Cheap mod then, is the boyesen exh-flange longer than stock?
  10. DigiMan

    Best looking new graphics for 02-07 CR250

    Does it really matter if i want fmx race or trail look? i just like a cool bike! Maybe like this:
  11. DigiMan

    orange plastics???

    Check out this one from one
  12. I am getting new graphics for my -02 and was thinking that this looks good, any other ideas?
  13. DigiMan

    02 cr250 suspension?

    You should use 0.42 kg/mm springrate in the Fork, and 4.9 kg/mm springrate in the rear shock. OEM rates are 0,43 & 4,9 so you are fine with the oem springs Use 380ml 3,5W oil in the fork. Honda OEM Fork seals seems to do the job best in my opinion.
  14. DigiMan

    Need help with my CR 250

    I have Boyesen Super Stock carbon Reeds 60USD part# SC-202, Then i use the Boyesen Exhaust Flange for 80USD part# BEF-02 I also use the Pro Circuit Standard R304 silencer 120USD. These engine mods makes the bike more fun to ride, add a flywheel weight of 14-16 oz if you will use it for trailriding.
  15. DigiMan

    Copy Cats

    Do you really mean that the KTM is more expensive to repair in Canada/US then the Japanese brands? In Europe it is cheaper stuff for KTM vs Japanese parts.