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  1. zeekdog

    kdx200 bore up kit?

    recently updated my sons 06 kdx200. We put on a FMF rev pipe and power core ll silencer and a torque ring. This made a big difference on performance you can really feel the bike pull when you crack the throttle. This advice I got through Fredette racing web site.(http://www.frpoffroad.com/) He has been riding/racing these bikes for years and knows them inside and out. They told me the biggest bang for your $ is the exhaust. I thought of changing the reed valve but he said not to waste the money. Next step for more power is to do some head work. Go search his web site and let me know what you think. Torque ring adds more bottom end torque and you only sacrafice a few R's from the top. Pipe is great !!!!!!
  2. zeekdog

    450X valves..ridiculous

    I have about 600 miles on mine and evrthing is a go. I change my oil every other ride and I also let the bike warm up prior to riding to make sure all is up to temp. I learned through racing stock cars that if the temp is not above 160 degrees before romping on the motor it is very hard on the valve train. My engine builder told me this when I started racing and I have lived by that rule ever since. If I had any problems things were very minor.
  3. zeekdog

    I did it. Bought a 450X

    Great deal. I too live in colorado I bought my bike in the Springs and they were not even close to that price . Where do you live and where will you be riding at?If you are close maybe we can get together. I have a flatlander skid plate nice piece and fit well. I had the dealer do the modifications to my bike. They took the baffle out of the exhaust,re-jetted the carb and opened up the air box. 05 450x flatlander skid plate and radiator guards seal savers Cyra pro bend hand guards Twinair filter Trail Tech computer switch for headlight Power Pegz Amsoil Kid 15 06 KDX200 twinair filter FMF pipe and Silencer George email gcle@adelphia.net