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  1. Are you referring to http://www.chinariders.net?
  2. Yar

    Db05, Db06, Db07a

    Here is a thread started by a new Q-Link Owner: http://www.chinariders.net/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=214 Detailed pics of his ride here: http://www.chinariders.net/gallery2/main.php?g2_itemId=535
  3. Yar

    Post your Chinese D/S Parts & Mods Here

    Did you make any changes to the front suspension/handlebars to compensate for the increase in seat height?
  4. Yar

    lets see some canadian bikes!

    Here ya go: Lifan LF200GY-2
  5. I finally decided on the 1L MSR fuel container. I found one at a local camping supply place. The seem rugged, the size is good, and they shouldn't leak (nice gasket around the mouth). Thanks for all the input.
  6. Yar

    Chinese X-Ranger 200

    Let's end the misinformation now. Dry weight of a Lifan LF200Gy is 264lbs: http://www.minimotors.ca/images/pdfs/TB_LF200GY-2.pdf Dry weight of a Suzuki DR200E is 249lbs: http://www.suzukicycles.com/Products/DR200SEK7/Specs/Default.aspx That's a wopping difference of 15lbs. However, the Lifan (and clones) come with a rear luggage rack and skid plate which the Suzuki does not. This makes them just about equal. I would say, compared to equivalent Japanese bikes, their weight is definitely comparable. Do your homework people.
  7. Yar

    Small Dual-Sport

    Not really a fault of the bike, at over 6,000 feet elevation you probably just need to rejet.
  8. Site is back. I was making some server-side changes when I zigged instead of zagged.
  9. I just setup a new site for exclusively for China Bike owners: Hopefully we can transfer the China Bike related discussion there and reduce the trolling/flaming.
  10. Yar

    Who commutes on a chinese ds bike

    I'm a bit of a wus, I only commute via the bike when the weather is good or it changes while I'm at work. 12km round trip for me with no problems yet. I've been doing it for about a month now.
  11. Yar

    Yamoto 200cc chinese bike from day-one

    Mine is getting about 60/65mph max as have many of the others on various threads. Have you checked your speedo to confirm its accurate?
  12. I was tempted the other day. A Long line of traffic to an intersection and a wide dirt shoulder right up to my turn-off. I resisted, you never know when someone in a car/truck is going to pull out in front of/beside you with the same idea, even on the shoulder. Always assume they don't see you because in many instances they don't. I heard of a woman laughingly saying the other day, "I don't see motorcycles". It sent shivers up my spine.
  13. That would be overkill for my needs. I get about 200km (~120 miles) per tank (8L). A couple of litres of extra fuel is plenty. Its more a precautionary measure than anything. My reserve ran out after only a couple of miles and I don't want to repeat the experience. I was sold on the Maier jug, but the guy who posted the Pelican case with the 2 MSR containers has me thinking...
  14. Ask and ye shall receive: XRT Racing I saw this in one of the Yahoo group messages today.
  15. That black storage box looks pretty sweet and holds the fuel canisters perfectly. It looks right up my alley. Where did you get it?