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  1. AJTowers

    cr500 wont stay running and hard to start

    Exactly. I have a '98 cr500, starts first kick when its warmed up and 2nd or 3rd when its cold.
  2. AJTowers

    09 wheels V. 07 on down

    OK folks heres the deal. ONLY USE 09 SPACERS ON 09 WHEELS. If you have wheels off another bike use the spacers and everything from that bike on your 09 and it will work. It took me 2 mins of reading in this forum to figure that out. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=694726&highlight=09+wheels
  3. AJTowers

    09 wheels V. 07 on down

    No. I think he said keep the spacers and wheels together. Use 06 spacers on 06 wheels and the should bolt up to an 09. Use 09 spacers with 09 wheels and those should bolt up to early bikes too.
  4. AJTowers

    Post 09 Pics!!

    I never once "knocked" EFI, Im sure it works great. I like the fact that it will drive down the price of a carb'd bike, because I dont mind carbs.
  5. AJTowers

    How Are Your 450s ?

    I had an 04 crf450 for 2 years and never had any problems with it. But I got sick of changing the oil every ride. They are very nice bikes, but for what I do they are not the best choice. I ride dunes only and we do alot of dragracing too. To make the 450 much faster than it is from the factory is alot more work and money than to make a 2-stroke faster. I ride a cr500 now and love it. Eventually I will build a cr500AF to have the suspension of a newer bike and the power of a 500. For the track or woods riding I think its hard to beat a 450 but in the dunes the 500 is king.
  6. AJTowers

    Post 09 Pics!!

    I think the 09's are nasty. I'm glad they are EFI and have a whole new look cause that will drive down the price of an 07 or 08 that much more when I decide to get one. I have nothing against EFI but a carb works just fine for me.
  7. AJTowers

    2008-- Honda Crf450r

    I hope the '08's are efi, so it drives down the price on an '07 for me. I'll be sticking with bikes with carbs.
  8. Well, I still have a stock pipe on my '04, and my friend has the DrD on his '06, everything else stock for both bikes. We mainly ride the dunes and we are always drag racing on the flats and beach, he usually pulls about 1-2 bike lenghts on me on the top(4th&5th gear). That is not enough of an improvement for me to buy that system, so I have already ruled it out. When I buy exaust it will be MRD, I like the look, the price is right, his service sounds excellent, free header repair, and the reviews I've heard on performance have been excellent. What else would you want from your exaust?
  9. AJTowers

    18" rim .....

    Just outta curiosity, why do you want an 18"? What's it better for? I'm wondering 'cause someone put an 18" on my '04, before I owned it, so that's what I've got. Now, I'm tired of changing my tire everytime I ride in the sand, so was gonna pick up a 19" wheel for a dirt tire, should I just get another 18? Does it make a difference?
  10. AJTowers

    Broke off cylinder head stud, now what??

    That sucks. I was helping a friend of mine put his 450 back together awhile back, and remember thinking, "man those nuts are f**king tight!". I thought he was gonna break one off(no pun intended) when he was torquing it. I wouldn't use Harbor Frieght ANYTHING on my 450, especially a torque wrench. Good luck.
  11. AJTowers

    Q: What oil to use when soaking chain??

    The story of my life!
  12. AJTowers

    New Graphics!

    I really like that!
  13. AJTowers

    03 CRF450R vs 76 RM370

    I've ridden a friends old yz490, because all he and his buddies would talk about was how fast it was, and how much bottom end "grunt" it had. It was quick, but I dont think it'd take my 450. And doesn't have nearly the bottom end the 450 has either. I'm sure back in the day they were the cat's pajamas, but the technology in today's bikes makes them so much better.
  14. AJTowers

    Public Track?

    hey ryno625, where in washington are you? I'm in Vancouver, if your close, it'd be cool to check out your track.
  15. I like the cone look, too. I've been wanting to get one of your pipes for awhile, and that cone endcap might just have sealed the deal. I'll be waiting for you to have them available.