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  1. Hi guys, Im an Aussie, Just moved from Brisbane to Melbourne Have an 06 WR450f in Street Motard setup. Big Gun Exhaust EvoX, JD Jetting Boyesen Quickshot AP Cover Scaryfast Powernow Plus Stealth Racing Fuel Screw B&B Alloy Fram Guards Blue Anodized Excel Motard Rims on Gold Talon Hubs Acerbis Motard front fender Trailtech Vapor CPU Grey Wire Cut, Opened Airbox + removed snorkel Throttle stop shortened, Stealth Mirrors Alloy Rear fender eliminator Tiny LED indicators Alloy Rego Label Tube Style Holder Have ordered but still waiting on a new 320mm front caliper relocator bracket and wave disc + I'm sure I forgot a few things
  2. yer 1 and 1 is my settings and it seems correct.
  3. hot beer? who is Australia drinks hot beer....its ice cold or nothing And my local pub does a 1.2kg steak =)
  4. I thought I saw him racing Supermoto on telly a couple weeks ago...
  5. hrmm.. i think this thread was from the 12 of september and not the 9th of December. silly aus/usa date differences. we go Day/month/year... yanks just get it all crazy wrong
  6. Apart from looking much better. At road speeds (esp highway) the standard ones act like a big kite and threw my bike around alot. Much more stable with the smaller fender
  7. 06 WR450 with only 600km's on it
  8. this is my project log from converting a new wr450 to motard pic ?
  9. I have an 06 wr450 in motard setup here in Aus. They are fine on the road as long as you keep up the oil changes. 500km changes here for me. Dont forget the oil does the gears and the clutch too soo it gets crappy really fast. Maybe an oil cooler kit would help with that. The gearbox has had a few horror stories told about it but the guys were probably trying to run oil changes like a normal road bike or something equally stupid. That and using crazy silly engine braking to "back it in" to corners and not having a cush drive or slipper clutch..bah
  10. in Australia now you can buy XR's in motard trim direct from the dealers. They look ok but I think I will stick to my WR =) Vroom Vroom
  11. I am changing from the OEM speedo to a Trailtech VAPOR due to changing to a motard setup. Any way to use the OEM speedo sensor cable with the trail techs?
  12. I use WD40 on the plastics as well as the motor to keep everything nice and clean. It goes on everywhere including the seat.
  13. I have done the same.. smacked a bee into my eye at 50mph only to then see it crawling along the front of my visor. This was in peak hour traffic...was a stressful 20 secs before I could get to the side of the road and fix that shit up. If u r allegic and it really really worries you.. get a full face helmet
  14. They are both excellent bikes. Both have pro's and con's. Either way you will be stoked. I picked up a WR because I was able to save around $1900US over the cost of a CRFX at the time I was ready to buy a bike. (Local dealer had a KILLER sale) My main contention with the CRFX was being a new model.. no one can tell exactly how the engine etc will hold up over 4-5 years (the lifespan I intend to hold onto this bike) whereas there are plenty of 4-5 year old WR's still going strong. I grew up on hondas though and even ran a lawnmowing business built upon honda mowers and really trusted honda but at the time the price was right for blue. My finance still is with honda though .. how whack is that...
  15. Tried the sticky at the top of this forum? That's where I got all my info mate. (BTW Where are you located in Aus?)