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  1. I am planning to remove the pipe baffle and air box snorkle and need to know what jetting changes to make. 90% of my riding is done below 3000 feet. Anybody have the info? Thanks.
  2. halloran

    XR400 Mikuni 36 carb problem. Help?

    Thanks for the info. I pulled the slider and cleaned it as you suggested. It looked fairly clean and seemed to be seating all the way at the bottom. There is about a 2mm opening when looking in from the motor side and 5-6 mm from the intake side. Any other ideas why the idle would be so high when warmed up? I also cleaned out the main and pilot jets too. I will put the carb back on tonight and test it out tomorrow. Thanks again for the help.
  3. Over the past year have noticed the the revs are slower to return to idle when the throttle is snapped closed. New problems this week...low to mid range throttle is fine but it cuts out when I open it up and once warmed up, the motor is idling way too high and not affected by the idle adjustor screw. The mechanic told me to pull off the top of the carb and check the diaphragm for a hole or a tear. Did that only to find that this carb has no diaphragm. Guess I need to find a mechanic that knows a little more about Mikuni carbs. Anyone have any ideas? Carb appears to be getting enough gas and the air cleaner is clean.