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  1. yea i was more than a little drunk. haha sorry about that thanks for the reply i will start on it when i get home from school
  2. i was gonna use some of that stuff on my truck one tim. 1 more dumb question from me sorry buy how do you drain the float bowl? and were do you ass the seafambat? and is there a generial setting for the fule screw to be so meny twists in or out from 0? thank you guys for all of the advice. can gas go bad in just 2-3 weeks that was the last time i drained my tank but b4 that it was close toa year
  3. i dont know if this has anything to do with it but last time i drained the gas it did not all come out of the tank i pulled the fule line off and there was still a good amount left in when it stoped comeing out of the fule line i had it on res im not sure what thats about but thanks for the replys
  4. i have a 08 xr650l with only 656 miles on it i crashed it last year and broke my leg and let it sit for close to a year when i went to start it it would not start turns out the gas was old now about 2-3 weeks later i went to ride it and it will not keep a steady idle at about 1/8 throttle and when i come to a complete stop it will idle high for about 2-3 sec and than drop down to wre it should be and than when i give is about 1/4 to 1/2 throttle real quick and let it off it shoots out a puff of white smoke i have no idea waht could be wrong with such a new bike and i dont really know a bout motorcycles so i have no clue what could be wrong with it if you guys have any idea please let me know i need to sell the thing because im a student and need the extea cash please help
  5. alright sorry i dont know the right way to say things but it will fire and turn over now so its all good
  6. guys thanks for all of the reply's akarob you were right it was the gas i drained it out and put some fresh gas in and she started up i had a blast rideing her around again
  7. thank you all for the reply. it is cranking the engine strong just wont, fire and yes the gas is on. im going to go get some new gas right now and try that. thanks again guys
  8. thank you for the quick reply. i have cleaned a carb befor on my old kx125 i was thinking about doing it on this bike but all of that smog stuff is a little intimidating. i got the 5 year warranty ( i kainds wish i dident because it was so much more $$$) but do you know if that would cover it and ifso would i have to pay anything because im in school right now to become a certified welder and dont really have any extra money to give to a dealer thank you again
  9. hey i wish i knew more about motorcycles to not have to ask you jusy this question but i dont i have a 2008 xr650l that only has 655 miles on it (i broke my leg on it and have not been able to ride it for a while like 6 months so that might be part of it) the batterywas totaly dead on it so i put it on a charger not it has a full charge but when i try to start it, it wont turn over is sounds like its not getting fule and i dont really know what it could be the only thing that i though of was take the fule line off and see if it was flowing and it was but it still wont start tryed to bump start it and nothing if you guys could give me some advice that would be great well thanks guys and sorry for the dumb question
  10. thanks for all the advice guys but im got going to be able to use it anytime soon i just crashed my bike looped it tring towheelie lol haha dumb me and just got out of the er i broke my tib. and got 7 staples in my left ankle the bike is not all that messed yo im kainda happy with what happened 2 it blew the taillight out and the rear fender scratched up the side airbod plastic and bent the shift lever(with my ankle lol) but i was going to get a crf rear fenter with the bd taillight so dosent even matter going to get IMS shift lever and some rally pro hand gards so that just means i get to do what i want now and i got some vicoden so ill be good take it easy guys im down but im not done lol allan
  11. sounds good thanks alot guys there sure is alot of help here its great
  12. one more think i live in about 10 min away from Los Angeles in the san Fernando valley the elevation hear is 1,070 ft and right now its in the 70's-100's (as high as 108 in mid summer) and gets down to about low 40's high 30's on winter nights so what would you guys go with for jets?
  13. yea so its prob. going to take me all day haha. thats what i was planing on doing saving up some money and just do it all at once get a FMF Q2 get a k&n or uni and than do the smog back off and rejet maybe dave mods i dont know if i want to do daves mods or just do the dino jet the dino jet seems easy as for right now i'm gonna work on the way the bike looks i know no hp. gain but i got 2 do what i got 2 do i already put a 08 crf front fender gonna get a crf rear fender with the bd tail light short stock blinkers some rally pro (i think) hand guards Clark tank maybe some bars and now front/real sprocket i have to get rid of that tv they have for a running/break light
  14. t do you mean by vary the throttle settings often? i know the guy at the dealer said dont go past 1/2 throttle for the first 600miles
  15. i can do all that stuff myself but the valves and thats the only think im worried about and another thing wear are the oil screens? and when is is really broken in? yea i think im going to get different sprockets the thing is i do ride move 65 but like 75 so would those still be a good size or just ass 1more tooth 2 the rear? thanks guys for the help its great and thanks tom i sent u a pm with my email