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  1. Hello all this is my first time posting. I need your help. I recently purchased a DRZ 400 SM off of Ebay and it was shipped here to Bakersfield, CA from Nebraska. I took it to the DMV which they registered the bike then later called me back saying they made a mistake and that the bike didnt have a sticker on the frame signifying that it meets all CA emissions standards. For that they made me strip the license and give it back to them. I want to register my bike in CA so I can ride it but I dont want to modify the engine. DMV even told me that I couldnt modify the engine to pass emissions and get registration. They also told me I couldnt run it up to 7500 miles so that it would count as a used bike. I'm not sure but I think they red flagged my DMV account so that I cant go to any other DMV and try to get it registered. They also sent me a letter saying I need to remove the bike from the state of CA. I love this bike and feel like I've been totally screwed. I'd be grateful for any help you can give me ...and hope that I can find some loophole in order to register my bike. I'd gladly pay anything to get it registered. Bryan DRZ 400SM 2005 bought used off Ebay 1330 miles now has 3545 miles Yamaha FZ1 2002