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  1. thanks for all the feedback! I'm not looking to go supercross big or anything like that, but I mainly ride track/trails, and lots of jumping. I'm not a big guy (140lbs) but I regularly bottom out my TTR250 - I'm just wanting to stiffen up the front end a bit..
  2. anybody?
  3. Hello~ I am looking to upgrade to upside down forks for my 04 ttr 250 - anyone know if other forks will fit? YZ, WR? Are the forks the same diameter or would i have to replace my triple tree? anyone else done this? Thanks in advance!!
  4. Are there any other forks that will bolt up to a TTR 250? I'm looking for upside down forks - do YZ, YZF, WR fit? Are the forks the same diameter or will I need to switch out the triple tree?
  5. Thanks! Mike, this is exactly what I was looking for! I love my TTR but I'd like to get a little "sleeker" tank/seat going..PLEASE let me know how it works out!!!
  6. Are there any plastic kits or upgrade for a 2004 ttr 250? My plastic is mostly thrashed and I would like to replace it, but I am just wondering if there are any options available. Do any other Yamaha models plastics fit? Seat/covers? Just wanting to change up the look of my bike a bit. Also - Where can I find wider footpegs for my TTR? Thus far I've only tried Bob's Cycle, but to no avail. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!~
  7. i'll definetely give the fork pressure route a go. i downloaded the manual and it says they can be charged up to 40psi. is this correct? did you put it to 4psi or 40? also, i'm assuming the screw adjustments on the bottom of the forks are set to factory on my bike, anyone know if setting these to be more rigid helps? thanks again!
  8. thanks for the replies! i may try charging the shocks first and see what that does. i'm not a big guy (150lbs) so i'm kinda surprised on bottoming out. when you say you put an inch and a half of washers i'm assuming you mean inside the fork? i am interested in changing out the tank b/c i don't care for the way the ttr tank flares out at the back. it's a knee banger!
  9. hey, i'm new here so go easy on me! i just bought a 04' ttr250 and love it. previously i owned a yz 250. i'm getting older and just wanting to "putt" around a bit more, but i still enjoying hitting the track. the problem i've had with the ttr is the front suspension. it's very soft. is there anything you can do to stiffin it up a bit? i don't have a manual so i don't know what the shocks are "supposed" to be set at but mine are at zero psi. i would assume you could charge them a bit, but i thought i'd ask here before pumping them up to much and blowing the seals. on a totally unrelated note, are there any other gas tanks that fit these bikes? yz? wr? thanks in advance!
  10. thanks coopdawg! by "snorkle" i'm assuming you mean the black tube running out of the air box? i removed this and it was full of a brownish fluid. i'm assuming gas and dust? it is sealed at the bottom, do i snip the seal or actually remove the entire piece? also, this bike has been catching a high idle since i bought it..i've cleaned the air filter, removed the carb and lubed the throttle slide. the free play in the throttle is there. anyone have a problem like this? this bike sat 2 years in storage prior to my purchasing it. perhaps the carb needs gone through? thanks again!
  11. thanks for the help! it seems i've got some work to do!
  12. hello. i recently purchased a 2004 ttr 250 and love it. i've been riding two strokes for about 25 years. this is the first four stroke i've actually owned (ridden/borrowed many over the years) and i don't plan on looking back. my question is this: i've seen many mods available for the ttr, from air filter, to drilling the air box, jets, sprokets etc. i'm just looking for a little more "snap". any recommendations? i bought the bike used and it came with a big gun pipe which is a noticeble difference to the stock. i've read pages and pages of mods, but what i'm wondering is - which will give me the most bang for my buck? i'm not looking to go crazy here, just a little more juice. is there any truth to the "drilling a hole in the air box, new air filter theory"? is it really necessary to rejet the carb? sounds like a pain in the butt! do sprokets make all the difference? thanks in advance!