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    wakebaording, snow boaarding, hunting, anything out side
  1. DOMSCRF450

    2006 in comparison to 2007

    i love my 06 if your not racing chances are you would't be able to feel the diffrence. the changes are minor. take the $$$ you will save and get your suspinsion done and set up for your style and weight just my 2 cents dom:ride:
  2. DOMSCRF450

    ASV Levers.....abd eBay !!!!

    the c5 pro clutch perch comes with 2 sealed bearings were the f3 comes with only one i believe the c5 has a smoother pull and should be stronger i mean they guarantee for 5 years instead of 3 but i think most riders cant really tell the difference especially after you sand down the sharp edges
  3. DOMSCRF450

    Recommend a new mod/part for less than $100.00

    rad guards for sure 50 for guards or 150 for a new rad the first time you drop your bike on its side i would look into the 250r cdi box i just picked up a brand new 06 cdi for 50 on ebay. look at JT jetting kit 65 was worth its weight in gold if you live above see level and are looking to put a pipe or sparky on your bike really helps to fine tune. spend the money to drive to Von red beards house and have him tune it that would probably be the best thing for you instead of all this after market cr@p just get the bike dialed for you
  4. DOMSCRF450

    fuel screw/pilot screw??

    thanks they are not stuck i pulled the o ring out but no spring or washer i did not buy a new fuel screw i wa cleaning my carb out when i found the missing parts and as far as i can see the pilot screw is the same thing as the fuel screw they both come out side the carb at least that is the only screw on my manual that has a oring washer and spring i have ran this bike about 2-3 hours since i bought it and it never had a fuel screw washer or spring how bad is that as well as it was backed out 5-6 full turns when i took the carb apart under the rubber fuel pump it was all auxodated and rusty color what is going on is this bad???
  5. DOMSCRF450

    fuel screw/pilot screw??

    this is the same thing right?? in the manual it calls it a pilot jet in the OEM microfish it calls it set screw A and i now they sell a fuel mixture screw which is the same thing as the pilot jet right?? so starting from set or all the way down how many turns should i go out and the farther out it goes does what exactly to the bike ??? also how important is the washer and the spring that goes on this fuel/pilot jet mine did not come with one how bad is it not to run the spring and washer??? thanks for the help
  6. DOMSCRF450

    14-53 Sprocket Combo Chain guide help!!

    would like the pic also i have 05 and run 14/53 and i run it with no mods it does not run as smooth as my 03 but works fine would love to see how to make it run smoother thanks
  7. DOMSCRF450

    DR D or MRD??

    thanks for the help and all the insite
  8. DOMSCRF450

    DR D or MRD??

    what does everyone think about these two exhaust systems MRD is 359 and the DRD is 350 both brand new what are the pros and cons of both and witch is the most bang for your buck thanks
  9. DOMSCRF450

    anbody have a crf250r cdi box ??

    are you talking about for the 250r or the 450r thanks dom
  10. DOMSCRF450

    anbody have a crf250r cdi box ??

    well it is actually going on a crf450r and the stock 250r cdi helps mid to top end power. i know that alot of the 250r guys are putting in race cdi and there stocker cdi works great for the 450 thanks dom
  11. DOMSCRF450

    anbody have a crf250r cdi box ??

    does anybody have a 250r cdi box 05-06 they would be willing to part with? please PM me thanks dom
  12. just bought one today on ebay 25 so i am expecting soon thanks again for all your help
  13. thanks for the help. so you think it is more the cam timing then jetting?? also the guy i bought it from was a mechanic so he said and just picked up an 06.the bottom end runs good it the top end i am having problems with he is a parts distributer for pacaratizy (spelling? just like parts unlimited) so i would hope he put the top end in right i did only pay 3500 for it. how do i adjust the cam timing thanks
  14. just picked this bike up pretty much stock new top end maybe10 hours on it and new kibble white springs and valves. other then that motor is stock. it has a hard time starting even when it is worm i have an 03 as well and i can start that thing with my hand not the 05 i have to kick it as hard as i can?? ? also it back fires really bad after i let of the gas not one ore two i mean popopopopopopopopopopopopo ?? the last thing it has no top end when i get to the end of every gear it chokes and sputters. i think the main problem is jetting he said it is the stock jetting however i bought it in Wisconsin and i leave in Oregon a 3500-4000 change in elevation. can jetting effect the starting if i re jet it will that fix the hard starting problem to. thanks
  15. DOMSCRF450

    Stock cables verses Motion Pro T-2 cables

    that one inch throttle spacer is key it helps a ton. for wd40 or any grease for that matter ( in you throttle line) i feel is counter perductive because all those sprays and lubes attract dirt witch in turn gunks up you lines.