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  1. TO_400SM

    What's it worth?

    With spring coming I'm thinking of selling the SM. I put one season and a ton of money into it and think I'd be better off with something I can put some serious touring miles on. There's not a lot of used DRZs for sale around this way so I thought this would be the best place to ask what I could sell my bike for? It's a black 2006 SM with about 6500km (4000miles). Most of my mods are in my garage listing but here's a shortlist. FCR with a Boyesen Quickshot and Zipty Fuel Screw. 3x3 has been done on it. Yosh RS-3 full pipe. I went a little nuts with Forrest from Wheeling. It's got the Edge Tail Light and LED turn signals. Enough Zeta to be in the catalog (SX Bars, RX Clamp Kit, Armor Handguards, Pivot Levers, Sprocket and Heel Guards) I put a set of KTM 950 SM Mirrors on it that look amazing. It's got a Racetech 5.7 Rear Spring and a brand new Pilot Power on the back. The front tire's the original but still doing good for tread. I paid $6800CDN for it last spring so with tax it cost me $7750CDN out the door before I went on the mod spree. My concern is that I am seeing new 2007 SMs being advertised at $5999CDN. I'm sure they are piling the fees and surcharges on to a price that low but I'm thinking it might hurt my resale. Any ideas what my bikes worth? I know I'm not going to get everything I put into it back out but I don't want to just flog it either. I'm in Toronto if anyone knows local values. I still have the original carb, would I make more putting the stock stuff back and tossing my FCR and Yosh up on Ebay then selling them with the bike? Thanks!
  2. Search has been down just about every time I log onto this site lately, so I'll just ask ... After 7000kms this summer on the original D208 it's about as bald as I want to let it get in the back. What's the popular replacements for the SM? Thanks!
  3. TO_400SM

    Yoshimura RS3 Updated

    You can always do what I did if the Offroad bothers you that much ... The word Offroad is in the base silver with the stripes around it being blue. I managed to easily scrape the blue off with my key after coming back from a ride one day. Now it's just silver stripes, can hardly tell Offroad was there unless you knew it was and you're closely looking for it.
  4. TO_400SM

    Did one of you guys here win this......

    A lot of info in that listing doesn't add up. One would have to know a bit about the DRZ to do the amount of mods done on that bike, yet the seller says this in the Q&A at the bottom? Q: two questions......is that an E model? and how long ago was the engine work completed? one more question, are you willing to ship the bike? or is it...more A: Engine work was completed roughly 2 yrs ago. An E is a street model I believe. This is not an E model or dual sport. This is a dirt bike. Pick up only A parts bike is a parts bike, but looking at the visible damage, I'd want to take a look at those parts before buying them.
  5. TO_400SM

    DRC in line resistors, or IC relay?? Help!!

    I too bought the DRC relay. I have it at home in my spares box if you need an extra. Wasn't worth the time to figure out, the electronic flasher method above cost me less than 10 bucks and took about 15 minutes. Plus it has the added benefit of making a real loud clicking noise when the signals are on.
  6. TO_400SM

    Is it a bad idea....

    Lines up perfectly. 20 second install.
  7. TO_400SM

    Bark Guards for 07 SM

    DougJ, are those the Zeta bars and clamps as well? If so, how do you like them? They are the next items on my "Order from Forrest" list.
  8. TO_400SM

    Is it a bad idea....

    The best reason to remove it is to replace it with the Zeta guard from Forrest over at www . wheelingcyclesupply . com
  9. TO_400SM

    Tri-metal sprockets

    Anyone try any of the 'tri-metal' sprockets by Supersprox or Sidewinder Sprockets? They are pretty nice looking. Wondering how they are.
  10. TO_400SM

    proper way to pronounce these?

    The French do indeed have a word for everything, for instance they say L'Italie instead of Italy, where Acerbis is from.
  11. TO_400SM

    I hope that FCR ship from Japan is here!

    Whoever that was that decided they didn't want the carb afterall ... THANK YOU! Lucky number 12!
  12. TO_400SM

    I hope that FCR ship from Japan is here!

    If this is true it makes no sense. So now the people who shipped these know that they were shipped and know they are being held in customs, but are unsure as to how many they put in the crate before shipping them off? So now that you've been calling and calling and calling for a week and a half or so, any closer to an answer or E.T.A. yet Bryan? I'm not trying to be an absolute pest here, but it's starting to look like this years riding season will be over before we see a part we ordered in the spring. Thanks!
  13. TO_400SM

    I hope that FCR ship from Japan is here!

    What did they have to say today? Any news? Are they getting as frustrated with you as I am sure you are getting with us yet? This carb is starting to work it's way into my winter project plan at this rate. Hopefully they show up soon!
  14. TO_400SM

    Why do you guys take out your barend weights?

    Just a question or two for those people who answered similar to above ... What is the total weight of the pieces shown in that image? What is your current body fat percentage? Personally, if I am looking for places I can get rid of unnecessary weight that my engine is lugging around, I'm thinking I should look above the seat first.
  15. TO_400SM

    Will KTM Duke Mirrors Fit SM ??

    They are reverse threaded so they need adapters. KTM dealers will know the part #s so if you are ordering the mirrors they will know the adapters you need. Quick edit: there are also two different KTM mirrors that look exactly the same but one of them (I believe the 950 Supermoto) has slightly longer stems. I ordered the 950 to get that little bit better of a chance of seeing past my elbows.