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  1. 398ahk

    '03 450exc, upgrade or refresh?

    Thanks for your input guys! I suppose the underlining question was: Are the '07 or '08 450exc's that much better than my '03? It seems as though they are slightly better, not light years like the sales guys would have you believe!
  2. I hope you guys can give me some advice as to what to do! My '03 450exc is at that stage where it needs a top end rebuild, forks and shock service, new tyres and new brake pads and rotors. Do I spend the money on refurbishing an old friend or do I upgrade to an '08 450exc ( or even a new '07 450exc with factory replica kit)? Despite the fact that my current bike needs a bit work done, it is well maintained. Are the '07 and '08 450's that much better to justify extra expense? Any insight might help me sleep again!
  3. 398ahk

    Time For A Rebuild?

    I bought it second hand, I have no idea if it has been done. Do I just get the valves and valve seats replaced or do I go the whole hog?
  4. My '03 450exc is requiring valve clearance adjusting fairly often lately although my compression is still with in specs, my local KTM dealer says it is time for a complete engine rebuild but I'm not convinced! Can any one shed some light or share their experiences with me? I'm unsure of how many hours are on the motor, I suspect it is close to 90hrs. I change the oil (Motul semi-synthetic 5100 10w-50) every 5hrs and filters every 10hrs. There are no unusual noises or vibrations. Any usefull advice would be greatly appreciated.
  5. What mods did you do to the 690sm for the track day? and what future mods would you like to do to make it better for the track?
  6. 398ahk

    What is high milage for a DR 650?

    A friend of mine put 98,000klm on his '98 dr650 before selling it! He changed the oil every 5k kilometers and checked/ adjusted tappets every 10,000klm. Mobil 1 10w40 fully synthetic car oil is what he swears by!
  7. 398ahk

    Twisting Handle bars

    When ever I drop my '05 dr650se (happens occasionally when trying to keep up with enduro bikes in the bush) my handle bars shift in the clamps so that they pointing side ways a few degrees. Has any one else had this problem and come up with a fix? P.S. the dr has pro taper alloy bars and barkbusters fitted!