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  1. billykidd2000

    Motocross Short in for Houston

    OK.....so I pop on Racer X Online and see that Short is racing Houston this weekend. How can a guy with a broken leg heal up so fast when you have CR and JS with broken fingers/hands that are STILL not racing??? What gives?
  2. Just got done riding at the Durhamtown Plantation in Union Point, GA and thought I'd share some of the pics. This place is awesome! Let me know what you guys think. Here's the link: http://kiddfamily5.blogspot.com/search/label/motorcycle
  3. billykidd2000

    WR400 Rebuild

    Great thread! I'm almost doing the same thing! I'm just about ready to split the case and see what's going on in the gearbox. The pictures have been great and give me a good reference as I'm pulling everything apart! Nice work! Can't wait till mines back together and running!
  4. billykidd2000

    Need to replace 3rd gear (Transmission)

    I've been thinking about that one!
  5. Well....third gear just went out on my 2000 WR400 (YZ timing) and I was going to crack the case and dig in to get it fixed this week. My question....while I have the engine out and apart is there anything I should replace since it will be in pieces? New piston, rings, 2nd or 4th gear etc...???? I'll make sure to inspect and replace anything that looks shady but just want to make sure I don't miss anything! Any other advice before I crack it open would be greatly appreciated! Billy Keywords: transmission, crankcase, 3rd gear, thrid gear
  6. billykidd2000

    Post "Sick Air"

    Not the best looking pic since it came from my camcorder but it'll do!
  7. billykidd2000

    Interesting 1998 wr400f problem

    try putting in a new spark plug! same thing happened to mine when I brought it out in the snow. Ran fine for a bit but then bogged down and won't start the next day. Put a new plug in and fired right up! Good luck!
  8. You think the Capes jump on video was crazy....you should have seen it in person! IT WAS INSANE!!! He was flying down the drag strip! Seemed like he was never going to come down!
  9. billykidd2000

    cool riding vid

    Looks like fun!
  10. billykidd2000

    Sand lake, Florence and winchester Feb 28-march 4th

    I'm heading down to Florence this weekend! I'll let you know how the sand conditions are on Sunday/Monday.
  11. billykidd2000

    Best performance exhaust on 2001 WR426?

    My bro-in-law has a 2001 WR426 and he runs the White Bros. R4 Series and it flies! Pretty loud and puts out some serious power! I run the White Bros. E-Series and it's pretty good as well but the R4 would be my pick! Good luck!
  12. billykidd2000

    93 DR350 Clutch Replacement

    Cool...thanks for the advice! Time to order some parts!
  13. billykidd2000

    93 DR350 Clutch Replacement

    Has anyone changed out a clutch on a DR350? If so, what are the major parts that should be replaced...clutch plate, disc's, etc? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  14. billykidd2000

    Halter Motorsports Ranch, Memorial Weekend 06, Montana

    That CRF RC51 looks SICK!