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  1. gralowe

    '93 DR650 - How hard to check/change carb jet?

    Hey there, Also running a '93 dr 650, and had huge problems starting it until I figured out the right sequence with the decompression lever: 1: in neutral, push kickstart until you hit compression. 2: pull in decompression lever (it should stay in) 3: slowly push kickstart until the deco lever clicks out, then release kickstarter 4: kick I still seem to be the only person who doesn't battle to start my bike though, makes for a good ani theft system. Cheers, Graham
  2. gralowe

    Old DR Motor?

    Possibly someone here could help out, A friend of mine has a '84 DR 600s, and his engine siezed last week, there are no replacements locally (South Africa) Essentially the entire engine needs to be replaced ( See http://www.wilddogtours.co.za/forum/viewtopic.php?t=6117 ) If anyone knows of one floating around it would be greatly appreciated if you could give me a shout, best is email : gralowe (at) hotmail.com Thanks, Graham
  3. gralowe

    '93 DR650 Generator Cover

    Thanks for that, had it all checked out, sending it in today & should be finished in time for the weekend play session
  4. gralowe

    '93 DR650 Generator Cover

    Hi All, Does anyone know what the 93 DR650 generator cover is made of? I managed to crack mine when the bike lay down for a bit of a rest while riding... :applause: My welder says not a problem if it is aluminium, but he can't do it if it is Magnesium, it is a small (+-3cm) crack where the gear shift lever hit the case when I fell off a rock outcrop. Thanks, Gra
  5. gralowe

    1993 DR650S aftermarket pipe? Does it even exist?

    Hey there, just given up trying to find an aftermarket pipe in my neck of the woods & am getting somone to make a custom one up for me tomorrow... mine if full of holes and rust, so don't have much choice. Did the DJ kit make a difference, and is it the same as a newer model DR's kit?