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    #40 Leak Jet Help

    First off, sorry to post on a subject that looks to be beaten to death but I want to make sure I have the right part. I have a Spanking new 06 WR 250 that I bought in conjunction with my sons TTR90. (We are having a ton of fun) But the WR runs LIKE CRAP! Lots of low end bog. Free mods I have completed; - Exhaust Plug Removed - Airbox Opened Up Items on Hand to Install and mods to complete (TODAY) - JD Jetting Kit (Live in Austin so going with Red Needle and 185 MJ for first pass) - Zip Ty Air Fuel - Throttle Stop Shortening - Gray Wire Disconnect - #40 Leak Jet (I THINK) - Clutch Washer (The damn thing WONT go into neutral while it is running) This is where the problem is. I bought it from the dealer but I want to VERIFY it is the right part. They didnt seem to know what I was looking for and I want to visually double check. I would double check the part number but the bag they put the Leak Jet in doesnt have a number on it. The jet does have a marking and a 40 stamped into it. I have searched and found tons of great reading to get me started on all the above and thank EVERYONE for the great site and resources. Hopefully some of you good folks can help. Thanks in advance!