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  1. gfdave

    Randsburg Injured Rider

    Does anyone have info on the injured rider from the April 13 incident near the tall, wood mine structure south of Randsburg? That was and is the subject of this thread. Thanks in advance for any info.
  2. gfdave

    Randsburg Injured Rider

    Interesting and frustrating. All the endless Thumpertalk babble in detail about everything...and, no one has a clue about a serious issue.
  3. gfdave

    Randsburg Injured Rider

    About 10:00 a.m. on Sunday, April 13, I came across a downed KTM rider just south of Randsburg near the Wooden Mine structure. According to those on the scene, he had no feeling below the chest. It really got to me. Anyone knowing more on this rider and letting me know is appreciated. Thanks. Dave
  4. I put them on my 02 CR250. Yes, they definitely reduce the vibration. However, it was a real pain to solidly mount handguards on them.
  5. gfdave

    Best 02 Smoker

    I rode my 02 CR250 for a couple years on trails and open dez. It is a great bike, which by the way is for sale. I bought a CRF450x. PM or call me 562 234 4858. I will take 2,600 for it.