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  1. For all you Colorado riders and those who love to come here, we have less than two weeks to weigh in on the Colorado Roadless Task Force recommendations...we all know there are trails that they will close. Please jump over to to make a comment on behalf of all of us you love our trails!
  2. Dburd, I asked that question myself...the best I can find is the correction charts for the XR400. They will apply to the 250 carb as well. Seems like the slow jet has a more steeper correction factor. Here are the links MAIN SLOW Bear in mind these are un moded charts. As always be careful to not over lean on the slow jet as engine damage could result.
  3. The original setup on that bike is 110 Main and 38 on the pilot or slow jet. My sons was set down to 35 pilot and 102 main, needle moved to second clip...runs super duper here in Colorado from 6-10K ft. No mods done. I guess I would start by verifying your current jetting. With the trick exhaust, I am sure you will at least start from stock.
  4. You can buy a service manual or....The main jet is accessible from the main drain bolt on the bottom of the carb (17mm). The pilot jet is gotten to by removing the three screws that hold the float bowl on. Look for it by gently raising the will be in between the middle. Bothe operations can be done with the carb on the bike, if you got a stubby phillips and nimble fingers. Here is a link to parts references...
  5. What altitude are you riding at?