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  1. Thank you guys for working so hard on this. And a special thanks to Allison for taking all the photos!
  2. Oh, okay.. I'm a total noob. I thought those doubles were just big whoops. So, for me it was lean back and bumble over the tops of them I did a double and another bumble over the top, then I actually was able to clear the table once.
  3. Thanks guys for putting on this event. I'm the kid on the Husaberg. That was the most amazing thing. I would have never, EVER believed I was capable of doing jumps like that. I have never jumped before in my life, and by end of the night I was clearing those tables and some of the doubles. Thanks again for making this such a noob friendly event. Solo-WR, Drunk Tank, exmlb, Che, it was good meeting you guys. Thanks for the good times. My friend, thebleakness, and I got back into Flag at about 5:00 after I fell dead asleep at a rest area. We're so stoked about last night that we're riding the peaks this afternoon. Everyone else... sorry if I stalled or fell in front of you, going to have to figure out how to ride ruts
  4. AZ dual sporting: DMV: Sign this affidavit saying the bike is street legal* You: Okay DMV: That will be $30 for registration You: Okay DMV: Here's your plate, have a nice day. *Street legal in AZ means your bike has: headlight, taillight, brake light, license plate light, and a horn. None of the lights have to be DOT approved, the horn can be one of those honker bike horns, and non-DOT tires are okay.
  5. There's the ProMoto Billet rack: http://www.promotobillet.com/shop/item.asp?itemid=30 Then the SW-MOTECH rack (cheaper) http://twistedthrottle.com/trade/productview/228/89/
  6. So I want to get some lighting potential out of my '98 620sx but the SEM ignition is junk. Is there a way to switch from an SEM to a Kokusan ignition? Can I just get myself a 99 620sc stator, coil, flywheel, and cover and call it good?
  7. niiiice
  8. Yes. I did two 55ers and the stock and every day they got dimmer and dimmer untill finally nothing worked. I took the stock off and kept the big ones.
  9. i have heard that you can clip the spring. they SAY that clipping 4 coils for supermoto is okay, but for offroad you will bog in the whoops. I'd say cut two coils and see how it feels.
  10. correct me if i'm wrong, but 96+ 650s do.
  11. hi comp!? go with the big bore. and then post about it
  12. you could clip two coils off the slide spring and get better throttle response. As per:
  13. Sorry I forgot to mention. I got them at Walmart. I went in with the intention of finding two small fog lights and came out with those. They are called the Hella 500(s). They come in a pair, with a wiring harness, relay, inline fuses, and switch if you want to use it. (I did for a while, but then just hardwired them in) I bought the driving lights for their range, they also come in fog and amber fog. I think it would be best to have one fog and one driving light, but they don't box them like that. They can also be had on ebay, here's a set without the harness, relay, or switch (again, great for hardwiring) http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/HELLA-500-DRIVING-LIGHTS-6-ROUND-WIRING-PIAA-ARB_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ33709QQihZ004QQitemZ140027026906QQrdZ1
  14. That's pretty cool, i also use hella lights: 55 watts each, no battery drain. Right now they are both wired to the high switch. Soon i'll wire one to the low, and both to high. They are incredebly bright for a $70 set of lights. As you can see, this was taken in the daytime. I mounted them right to the reflector brackets, used some angle iron from Home Depot to connect the brackets (reduces vibration)
  15. do you mean this?