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  1. Steve98KLX

    PlanetKLX down

    klxd, I'll send you a pm. I really appreciate it...
  2. Steve98KLX

    PlanetKLX down

    #3 is my pick. Just bought a set of kx forks to do a fork swap, & no planetklx. Does anyone have this info??? I should have printed it.
  3. Steve98KLX

    weight rating

    Anybody know the weight rating for my 98 klx 300, how much I can adjust, & if there are any aftermarket springs that will raise the weight rating?
  4. Steve98KLX

    Starting a HOT KLX (during a race)

    Like Bill said The Hot start is well worth the money.. Before I installed a hot start on my klx, It took a minimum of 25 - 30 kicks to start after stalling or dumping. After I installed a hot start 2 - 5 at most...
  5. Steve98KLX

    Premium or normal gas?

    I have never used anything but regular unleaded in my 98 klx, & I never had a problem with pinging... However last month first ride out on my klx with a new 340 kit & I noticed some pinging. I topped off with premium & that is what I run now...
  6. Steve98KLX

    KLX 300 Manuals

    You've got to get the KlX 250 manual and then they make a 300 suplement for that manual. I bought both through my dealer but I have never used the suplement manual yet. I bought both for like 50 or 60 bucks.
  7. Steve98KLX

    340 gearing

    Well I rode it for the first time last night, I went up to 14 in front and left the back alone. I was extremely happy with it, the 340 was still alot more torqey with gearing it up. I was very pleased... I can't wait to ride some more...
  8. Steve98KLX

    340 gearing

    Trail riding is all I do.. Chadwick mostly, southern missouri, Lots of hills and lots of rocks.. Not much open space. I go to Kentucky the first of may to ride & I am just trying to fine tune..
  9. Steve98KLX

    340 gearing

    Just got my 340 kit installed, lightened the flywheel, & a set of cams.. First time I rode it I realized that I needed to gear it up so I went back to a 14 tooth on the front. It still feels like it needs a little more. Thumper suggests going down 2 to 3 teeth on the rear. What do you all suggest and what kind of money does a rear sprocket cost??
  10. Steve98KLX

    ACR mod?

    Mine is a 1998 model, & is fairly easy to start. But I noticed that on the planetklx website that sometimes they come apart and do damage. Has this happened to anyone.
  11. Steve98KLX

    ACR mod?

    Has anyone had a problem with this? I just had my 300 apart and the ACR was really really loose.. My valves were in specs. I have attributed the ticking in my engine to the ACR because when I put my new cams in the ACR on my new cams was quite a bit tighter...
  12. Steve98KLX


    Which time zone are they in.. Where are they located so I know when to call..
  13. Steve98KLX

    Rod problem

    Well I tore down my 98 klx the other night & sent my cylinder off to stroker to get it bored to a 340. But when we tried to take the piston off the rod, the rist pin wouldn't budge. We had to cut the piston off, then drive the rist pin off of the rod with a puller. It looks like the rod was honed at an angle because only half of the rod was scarred up. Has anyone ever seen this before?
  14. Steve98KLX

    340 kit

    All the info is greatly appreciated. It sounds like if it is done right I shouldn't have too much problem. I know I am going to have to do something pretty quick because I need to go in and adjust my valves anyway, I might as well big bore when I am in there...
  15. Steve98KLX

    36mm Micuni carb

    I found another from fourstrokes for around $450, but it doesn't give much detail about what all you are going to get.. I will continue to shop around..