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  1. Erwin8r

    Trading my 650L for a 650R Pros and Cons

    Uh, your examples are my hyperbole than the reality. You really need to ride one. The things listed above for "lightening the L" are ridiculous. They are apples and oranges. The R is a racebike with lights and the L is a dual-purpose bike, with the commensurate compromises. 40% more power out of the box is no joke. But it's a different tool for a different application. Read the OP's reaction after his trade. Then go ride both.
  2. Erwin8r

    Show us your race light conversions

    Here's my Baja Designs Sol-Tek light:
  3. Erwin8r

    Show your PIG

    Well, first your pictures have to make it onto the internet somehow. Many (like me) use free web picture hosting sites (Photobucket, etc.) to load pictures up from our personal computers. Once on the hosting site, you copy the "address" (also known as the URL) and paste it into a post, with the tag at the end of the address (just like you tried in your first post). The key is having the picture somewhere on the internet. Hope that was clear enough to understand...
  4. Erwin8r

    Show your PIG

    It's a Baja Designs "Sol Tek" headlight.
  5. Well, ride a bike through similar terrain (rutted-out washes, sand with too many tracks, etc.), and compare your fatigue rate. It really makes a difference...
  6. Yeah, like I said, at least with their stainless system, I don't like the way the headers mate. It looks rather cheap and cobbled (and pinched at the joints...). Here's an example:
  7. I've tried eBay--they have tons of FMF, but none of the others... I'd love a ti (yeah, i know they're a bit more prone to cracking/breaking) from Akra or Yosh (or Pro Circuit), but I never seem to run across any.
  8. Looking for a good header to match-up with my Pro-Circuit slip-on... I see a lot of FMF STS "Power Bomb" headers on Flea Bay but honestly, i don't like the way the tubes look "pinched" where they connect... I would prefer jointed header assembly (with springs..). Any recommendations/pics? Thanks!
  9. Erwin8r

    Show your PIG

    My beloved BRP: and a couple action shots (this past weekend in the Lytle Creek/Phelan area, Southern California): We've had pretty serious rains (for Southern California) lately, and it's washed out/flooded many areas...
  10. If you don't really like the bike or understand it, sell it. If you do understand it's purpose and appreciate it for what it is, you wouldnt be asking. XRR prices are all over the board. As pMXr says, it all depends on what a buyer is looking for. With our bikes in our state, it's desert running. A bike properly set-up easily fetches $3.5k +. Plated, add $500 or more. Mine is set up the way I like it and wouldn't expect to find one similarly equipped for less than $5k (see Santa Barbara bikes referenced in PMXr's post above). Anyone who thinks of an XR650R as merely "a nine year old bike" is missing the point. It's akin to calling a '67 fastback a "just a 40 year old car.". IMHO. It's all subjective.
  11. Erwin8r

    Show your PIG

    Sweet ride!! Are those forks off another bike? I might go USD on mine at some point soon (thinking CRF450 conversion), but Ohlins would be very, very nice....
  12. Erwin8r

    Solution to Hard to Start?

    Couple of squirts, then use the conventional BRP routine...
  13. ...that mounting does not look very safe/secure to me at all... No way that flmisy piece of sheet aluminum is gonna' stand up to use...
  14. Erwin8r

    06 crf450 good or bad?

    Um, search "Rotella" here, and sit back and enjoy others' experience with this "diesel" oil...
  15. Erwin8r

    450R (03) engine seized today

    Great fooking write up!! Thank you! Now, go find a buddy in the US you can trust, and have them ship you your parts as "used motorcycle parts." A little grease on the plastic OEM baggies, a different box for your Yosh exhaust, etc. Works.