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  1. Steve112z

    Green Stickers OK, Red Sticker No Good Here

    Received a personal call from the Ranger in question, saying he was WRONG in trying to stop the RED STICKER riders from riding in the area. Oh get this he is the field trainer at that! Issue closed.
  2. Steve112z

    Green Stickers OK, Red Sticker No Good Here

    Mike how do i edit my posts i.e names and locations?
  3. Steve112z

    Green Stickers OK, Red Sticker No Good Here

    I had a long conversation with xxxxxx the Field Mgr at BLM over the rangers interpretation of the RED sticker law. He is the lead trainer in Bakersfield and was training a Colorado ranger that day. He decided to go to the area xxx and enforce the RED sticker law as he thought it to be. He agreed that the ranger xxx "was a little over zealous in his attempt to enforce a RED sticker law that he was unsure of". that's a quote. I ask what is the ruling on this, since he wasn't questioning the right that green sticker riders could ride there, it was just the red sticker issue. Then can I ride there? He said " I think so." Not that isn't the answer i asked for. He hedged and said he asked Ranger xxx to research this issue as to whether RED stickers could be ridden in the area and when they could be ridden. I mentioned that I thought putting the wolf in charge of the hen house was thrilling. So, it is now they (BLM) will contact me as to their interpretation of the RED sticker law. Being researched be the same guy that all agree was wrong. Beautifuful
  4. Steve112z

    Green Stickers OK, Red Sticker No Good Here

    Ok you can just stick your head in the sand and let them just take more and more of your riding rights away from you. Sometime just somtime in your life you have to stick up for whats right. Your choice my friend.
  5. Steve112z

    Green Stickers OK, Red Sticker No Good Here

    I was in the Mtns yesterday and I was also told I coudn't ride as i had a RED sticker. I confronted the Ranger telling him he was wrong. I asked for his card (they cannot refuse to give it to you when asked). He is a Field staff Ranger. Bakersfield field office 661-391-6000. I will file an offical conplaint agianst him. BUT I called the CARB office and here is the NEW news! According to CARD 800-end-smog, it is up to they to determine whether you can ride with a RED sticker. They I asked ? The local BLM office. So it seems it IS the BLM that is decidind whether one can ride with with a red sticker and where they can ride. More to cpme as i have a call into the mgr of the office