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  1. GMCZ71

    front spoke noise?

    so we were slow at work and i put the bike on a lift and spun it up, the noise is coming from the rear. It is fixed now and the noise I believe was a combo of switching to a 39 tooth rear sprocket causing the chain to go through the guide at a different spot and the chain being a little loose. I adjusted the chain and ground the guide down with a die grinder and all is well. Thanks for everybodys help.
  2. GMCZ71

    98 rm wheels fit?

    Will 98 rm 250 wheels work on a 2006 sm with out to much trouble?
  3. GMCZ71

    2001 E jetting confimation

    Thanks i figured that.
  4. GMCZ71

    2001 E jetting confimation

    So i gave it a good cleaning again and moved fuel screw to 2.5 turns out and it ran ok so i put the air box lid on and it ran way better. With the lid off the bike would die with the screw at about 1.5 out and barley run at 2.0-2.5. So i will run it until i can get a bigger pilot:excuseme:? Also william the slow air jet is a 60, the main air is a 20 and the CE is still on. Any more tips that would be great if not I will run it on the mountain and see how it does. Thanks for all your help.
  5. GMCZ71

    2001 E jetting confimation

    So the jets my dealer gave me were for the new style fcr and they couldn't even find where to get the right ones. Is their anything i can do or check to make my 45 pilot work for me.
  6. GMCZ71

    2001 E jetting confimation

    When i put it back together i put it at 2.0 turns before i saw your post. It did idle better so i removed it again and installed a msr fuel screw and now the screw has little effect so i am going to drop a size in the pilot and see what happends.
  7. GMCZ71

    2001 E jetting confimation

    Would the JD jet kit help?
  8. GMCZ71

    2001 E jetting confimation

    I just picked up a 01 E and on the first ride i noticed it was a dog compared to my sm and it would bairly idle. I took the carb off and this is what i found. 162 main 45 pilot OBDXP needle clip 5 fuel screw at 1 turn out Full rs3 exhaust open air box lid. Is this close? Thanks
  9. GMCZ71

    quad no start

    Once again. Amazing. On your first post you were exactly right. Found on by tool box next to the dirt that fell from the carb:bonk: . Thanks for your help again.
  10. GMCZ71

    quad no start

    I see the needle jet #13. I will check back on by tool box for it in the morning. If it did come out, i did not remove it on purpose. Do they fall out easily:confused: ? The pilot jet is installed and i took the side diaphram off the second time i removed it because it was the one thing i did not check for dirt. It ran the same after i took it apart. By the picture I got it all together correctly. Thanks for the help, i should have just shined him but he's my boss and i hate to send him to our dealer.
  11. GMCZ71

    quad no start

    Thanks for the reply. By needle jet i am assuming it is the jet the needle sits in. It is there, I removed it to clean it. I also remved the tube it was in. There is an oring around the tube so i thighted it enough to seal. Is that enough to change the hieght of that jet. It is a BS 29 carb.
  12. My boss has me working on his 250 ozark quad with a mikuni bsr style carb. When i got it it would only idle it would not run past 1/4. So i removed the carb and cleaned the jets and the bowl out, Found little bugs and dirt in the bowl. So I putt it back together and now it will not run at all un less i hold up on the slide and even then it will not rev out at all, and it is soaking the plug with gas. Any ideas.
  13. GMCZ71

    Datona SX on Speed

    reed windham
  14. GMCZ71

    Recommend me new bars

    If you get protapers the bars are marked so you can cut them to any length you want. I trimed mine down about 3/4 on both sides. I was able to get my old grips off by blowing compressed air under them and it should lift them off.