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  1. sarcat

    Xr 100 idle problems

    So I'm having the same issue with a 2003 XR100. It's seen it's abuse through all 4 of my kids growing up. Anyway it idles fine, but soon as I give it a little throttle it "bogs" and dies. Sometimes it works its way through the bog and as higher rpm it does OK but I "sputters" at times. I've looked for cracks in the air intake and don't see any. New plug didn't help. Does anyone know were I can find a good diagram of the Khlin carb so I know were the pilot jet is? Thanks tons.
  2. sarcat

    XR 100 Tires

    I just put the Maxxis tires on all 4 fo my kids bikes. They are much better than the stock and seem to work great on the hard pack and rock out here in UTAH.
  3. You're right the 15/45 stock is rediculous. I went 13/48 first and still felt it wasn't quite right for the very tight steep stuff we have here in UT. I went to 13/51 and love it. I can do most things in 2nd and keep the granny for the slow rocky steeps. I can creap through them fine passing all the guys that have to keep theirs wrapped out or they kill.
  4. Dude that sucks. Must not have been put together right in the first place. I've noticed that proper tension on the chain seems tighter that on other bikes. I think it pulls on that shaft from time to time and allows some to come out the seal. Good luk dude.
  5. Outcome. After a summer of dinking with this issue I've concluded that the issue is the seal. I've reduced the amount of oil by adding another washer to the bolt. This was after new sprokets, bolts and spring washers. The least amont of leakage occurs with the extra washer. When it's cooler there is less... The rust color is dirt that gets behind the sproket.... The amount is minimal.....
  6. New first time KTM nOOb here (heck nOOb first time dirt bike owner even): I've got about 800 miles on my 2007 450 EXC and today for the first time what looked like oil was splattering out from the thrust washer bolt. I immediatly brought the bike home, took off the aftermarket 13T sprocket and cleaned it up. FYI, I put the aftermarket one on months ago at about 50 miles. After letting it run for a minute and cleaning it up it appears to have "stopped". Here's a picture. You can see the brown gunk still between the teeth: Could it be that my chain was to tight and pulling the shaft sideways and letting oil out? if so how come it just started this and not on any of the rides previous? Could it be chain lube that's melted that was built up inside? If so wouldn't it have hardened when the engine cooled? I've used Honda chain lube recently and I've noticed it goes on more wet than the Motorx I had been using. It was hot today and I rode the bike harder than I've ever ridden before. Would heat have anything to do with it? Any experiance on this one would be greatly appreciated. One riding partner already said new seal or gasket or something or other that sounded expensive. What do you all know about this? Thanks,
  7. sarcat

    Places to ride in vernal, Ut?

    Hey all. Since I'll be in Roosevelt tomorrow for some riding with the kids, which areas would you all suggest we go? We don't really do tracks. Would love to do some single tracks in the area or ride a local spot. Any beta would be great. Thanks,
  8. sarcat

    100 with hard to pull clutch lever

    Just got a 2003 used. I did what some suggested here and bought a perch/lever for the 80. The lever is shorter and the perch brings the lever in about 3/4" so that someone with small hands can get more muscle and leverage on it. My 12 year old daughter really likes the change. She can now control the clutch instead of "popping" it all the time. Nice tip everyone.
  9. sarcat

    woods ridin in Utah?

    Utah: I've ridden Kirkhams, Packard to Maple back to Kirkhams so many time...... Top of Maple Canyon looking over Little Diamond Fork: commando you should come ride with us when the snow melts. We got a dude that rides an '01 DRZ-400 also.
  10. sarcat

    Help Save Arch Canyon

    Also done. let's hope it works.
  11. After more review and talking with a bunch of "know it alls", I'm convinced the best way to fix the hole is to tig weld it. I've got one here at work along with the professional welders. I think the putty steel stuff would have worked but the weld will be forever bomber. I'll take some before and after pictures.....
  12. So.... My 9 year old rode his XR70 Saturday and bonked the engine. There is now a small "crack" in it about 3/8" long. Over the last 2 days the oil had seeped out of it. Someone told me to fill it with JB weld, or to have it welded shut. Anybody ever do this kind of thing that could give me some advice. I hope I don't have to get a whole new block for the bike but that might be best???? The crack dosen't go to an edge anywere. It just pushed in like you would push your finger nail through plastic wrap...... the block is aluminum isn't it? Thanks,
  13. sarcat

    Any Moab Experts????

    Hey all. Looks like myself and 5 others will be down there this Fri/Sat. I've never been there to ride and all but one of our group have never been there either. Any suggestions on what we should hit while there? We're a bunch of old guy beginners BTW with trail XR400Rs. We don't want to make fools of ourselves (or maybe we do for yours and anybody elses entertainment). Thanks for some beta.....
  14. sarcat

    American Fork Canyon Conditions?

    I have a nice small chain saw I can take on rides. What's the best way to pack it? I could stuff in in a back pack.
  15. sarcat

    What To Buy, A 400, 450 or 525EXC?

    Thanks for all the info in this thread. I'm about 3 days from putting down my $$ and still have yet to decide between the 450 or the 525. Of course at 220 lbs. the 525 is most likely to win. And that we have tons of open area here in UT helps.