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  1. sabin

    husaberg 390 question

    Get the 450, it has a soft mode. However I doubt it that the 390 will be slow anywhere in the woods.
  2. sabin

    New FE450

    It's a great bike. I have used WR's since 2002 and not I switched to Husaberg and I like it a lot more than my last 2005 WR450F.
  3. sabin

    09' Berg Owners...

    I noticed the same thing about the exhaust midpipe. I fixed it by loosing the clamp between the midpipe and the header. Then put something between the shock spring and the midpipe to move midpipe away from it. Then tighten the clamp. This fixed the problem for me.
  4. 34. First ride was on 15
  5. sabin

    My new wr400 :(

    Change the spark plug.
  6. It will not work. JB will not have adhesion with the tank material. There is no known to me method to weld it, you will just loose time and money trying...
  7. Hello fellas, I'm tring to find rear wheel for a friend with CFR450X 2005, but I only found 18" listed for CRF450R 2005 and I'm not sure if it will fit the "X" model? Does anyone know if the hubs are the same? Thanks for any info! Sabin.
  8. sabin

    450x rekluse Singal track overheating

    I had the same problems with my WR450. I put 2 fans from computer CPU coolers and now I can idel as long as I want. I have devol rad guards and the fans mount very easy behing the devols and in fromt of the radiators with 4 zipties per fan. The fans are plastic and very lite and consume very little energy. I put a switch to manually turn them on and off.
  9. Hi, Do you fellas have any idea from where I can get On-Road or slick tires for my ATV? Thanks!
  10. sabin

    WR450 2005 dipstick problem

    This happens when you have filled more oil than specified in the manual. Once I filled 100ml more and the same thing happend to me. When you drain the oil do you drain from the frame and engine also?
  11. sabin

    Beware Of The IMS Tank For The '05 WR

    If aftermarket tanks for 2003 and 2004 fits wr 2005, does this mean that the stock 2004 tank will fit 2005?
  12. sabin

    2trac "behind the scene"

    I forgot to mention that this is the PERFECT wheelie machine!!!
  13. sabin

    2trac "behind the scene"

    From the local Bulgarian Dealer for $12600 US! However I have heard that in Germany you can find it for under 9000 Euro. There are 3 bike like this sold in Bulgaria. I rode this one and it is amazing how the bike goes straight on acceleration. Crossing swamps is like you ride normal road. However it is so much more complicated that I do not want it at all! You cannot change even the main jet without spending 3 times more time, and all this stuff around your engine... no thanks! The Ohlins suspension is what I definitely want from this bike though!!!
  14. sabin

    2trac "behind the scene"

    Ohlins claims 8.6 kg. Ohlins 2trac specification page